Plant Consciousness Commentary | The Foundations of Plant Intelligence pts. 1 and 2

The Foundations of Plant Intelligence pts. 1 & 2

With all the papers we’ve read together and new information we’ve learned about our plant friends, I thought it could be a good time to re-set what we know about plant intelligence. Anthony Trewavas, Emeritus Professor in the School of Biological Sciences of the University of Edinburgh best known for his research in the fields of plant physiology and molecular biology, walks up through what we know in 2017 about how plants do what they do.

Many of the studies cited we already know. Sure, there is a little more depth here and another discovery there, but the core is old news. So why is it that with everything we know about just how clever our plant friends are, we can’t get the rest of the scientific community to agree?

THAT… that is the question I really talk about. 

Plant intelligence is real, there is no doubt for any of us. But what is missing in all the literature released that makes it nearly impossible for animal researchers to believe plants are just as intelligence?

Watch, and find out what I think…

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments about why this paper still doesn’t truly show plant intelligence in its full light.

Topics Covered about plant intelligence

  • What makes a plant intelligent.
  • Who still doubts plant intelligence.
  • Why I don’t think this paper changes the hearts and minds of doubters.

Plant Intelligence commentary part 1:

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Plant Intelligence commentary part 2:

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View the paper here

Trewavas A. 2017. The foundations of plant intelligence. Interface Focus 7: 20160098.

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