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Ep.40 Learn the True History of Humankind and Plants as Allies (Mystery School)

The Damanhur Mystery School is a one-of-a-kind program that offers a comprehensive and experiential exploration of Life, in all its form. And who better to share these mysteries with us, than the director of the school, Crotalo Sesamo.

From a young age, Crotalo nurtured a passion for archeology, natural medicine and esoteric studies—eventually meeting, at age 18, the visionary founder of Damanhur, Federation of Spiritual Communities, Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi). Falco personally prepared Crotalo to continue his alchemic art (called “Selfic paintings”) and, together with other Damanhurians, they dug out by hand one of the world’s greatest works of architectural art: the Temples of Humankind, beneath the Piedmont Mountains in northern Italy.

As a longtime Ambassador of Damanhur, Crotalo travels the world, constantly teaching, hosting tours, offering private energy healing/divination sessions, and opening centers and reference points for the Damanhur Mystery School. In 2016, Crotalo was invited to speak at the United Nations as a representative of Damanhur. All the while, he continues his own research into the realms of social, spiritual, economic, political, educational and organizational aspects of community life.

Explore the Mysteries of Life and the Cosmos in this fascinating episode!

Topics Covered about the Damanhur Mystery School

  • Ancient Civilizations of our planet and the cosmos
  • Three-year program of deep learning
  • How plants aid in human evolution
  • Synchronic Lines, times, and answers to life’s big questions

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Welcome to ReConnect with Plant Wisdom. I am your host, Tigrilla Gardenia, Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach. In this podcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge, from biology to spirituality, about the wondrous ways plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious Life.

Welcome back to another episode of reconnect with plant wisdom. This is episode 40 and today we’re going to learn the true history of humankind and plant allies. Well really we’re going to learn kind of a little bit about it. I have a very special guest for you. I have Crotalo Sesamo, one of the original ambassadors of Damanhur her and the director of the Damanhur her Mystery School and we’re we just got into this wonderful conversation about the school about what you learn and really more than anything, what is the role of plants because obviously,

I mean, seriously, you could learn about the mysteries anywhere, but understanding the role of plants, as allies to humans and really to greater civilizations around the world is not something that you’re gonna find everywhere. So I’m extremely excited to bring this episode to you so that you can understand really what’s happening out there in the greater world at a whole new level. And more importantly, how does that apply to your own life and your role as a steward of this planet?

So without further ado, I bring you this episode with Crotalo Sesamo.

Hello everyone I am so excited to be here to have this conversation with you today. I am going to bring Crotalo Sesamo from Damanhur here and today we’re going to talk Mystery School. Mystery School mysteries of the universe mysteries of humankind. But before we get there, who is Crotalo Sesamo?

Well, first of all, thank you. Thank you everyone to be here. Thank you for the Rila to create these wonderful occasion to enter more in what dominant we call the mystery school. Well please further we’ll say this is a big mystery not joking, but as you know me from Gaia TV or from the many different teaching that I have been giving all the years all over the world and our ambassadors and the director of the Dharma mystery school. I had the pleasure to traveling all over the world open central reference point for dominar. A healer researcher may review came with me in some very special journey spiritual journeys in Egypt and not only so here I am 35 years in Damanhur looks really long time. But looks otherwise say yesterday. I’m starting to change the color of my errors. I would say they’re they’re great as a bedroom.
But let’s get right into this.

Okay, so most of my audience has heard me talk about some because obviously I’m a Damanhurian he’s a Damanhurian, so we know that it’s one of the largest spiritual ego communities in the world. We know that all kinds of different research and studies about what it means to live in this world connected with Well, every other world in some ways, but specifically, there’s this thing called the mystery school and I’ve heard talk about it so many times. And obviously we’re going to be having an information session because we want to host a NCC specific mystery school but before we even get there, what is the dominant chemistry school?

Well, we have first of all to imagine that biggest mystery is the one that is inside of us. So when we do is called we always talk about, let’s say the question so who I am from, where I’m coming from, and why I’m here. So the mission of this life, so every mystery school every time and in every place of the planet. So they being connected to that moment that we call knowledge that are only all the things are there to help us support us to, let’s say not only answer to this question, but then really to accelerate the last process that we call the alignment, light and demand and thought about that. Mm hmm.

Lots of thoughts coming in my head. But first and foremost, our community is plant based, right? Plant custom plant communication, plant intelligence, how does understanding the true history of humanity and really help us be in a better relationship with the plant world I mean, how does that help us better understand even the plant world?

Well, there are at least two elements that we can share even I would definitely love to put them in a much more deepest way in southern to school. So first of all, in that one or we talk about the matter words, I’m sure that some of you are familiar. So three different matter worlds, the worlds of the humans of the natural Spirit and of the plants that in another moment of time in one are points of history. They’ve been completely united and let’s say working these three Kingdom these three model world together for Lucien of the plan, or if you want to devolution what we call the human guide, or the human souls, very similar to you know, what has been described in the book of The Lord of the Rings or I’m sure that many of you watch the movie.

So yes, like, you know, other life forms that equally are working, fighting, you know, being together for the same game. And this is absolutely one of the element that is bringing the mystery school to work to. Finally one day to reunite these three monitors world at the moment is pretty obvious. They’re pretty well separated, even if they’re still existing in their, in their presence. The other aspect and this is really about one of my passion that is the mystery of archaeology is the Easter of humankind that is not being, let’s say teach in our regular school. So in the mystery of archaeology in this different interpretation. Well, obviously we don’t talk about life only in the planet. Earth, but in the entire US in the entire method, as we call it in our spiritual physic. And let’s say one of the goal it’s not only to enlighten ourselves, but to enlighten this entire method.

So, to make the process in which the mother is going to be evolving, being transport transform into light until matter will not exist anymore. There’s going to be only the energy in essence is everything. At let’s say, in this big game in usually not in the not in all the planet. There is the same level of evolution. Let’s say that Speegle masters are again as we call star masters avatars, that in a way they are overviewing these huge process of evolution will when they want to truly bring live in a planet what they’re going to send first plants. So the plants intelligence are the one that are always send it first, to literally through receipt of what then we can call evolution for every life forms.

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Obviously what that planet can contain for can let’s say inhabit. So in this case, the relationship with the plants are starting to be definitely much more, let’s say interesting, much more charming, because we have really, let’s say the one that are the real beginners of all these incredible process of transformation.
Well I have a few times that I’ve gone into the study of s and if some of the ancient civilizations asking the question, Where are the plants? If you remember in Egypt when I was asking all these questions to understand the plants in Egypt because it’s definitely today no but then going back even further as to understanding what was the role of plants in Atlantis and I’ll be honest, there’s very little information. But what my point is, is that as more of us plant communicators, and more of us as a plant intelligence, people come into this study we will be able to access more and more through our past lives through different direct communication with the plants.

Through all of the study that we start to understand how these ancient civilizations and even pre Atlantean civilizations and the stars civilizations. So what we believe we are all coming from, or at least again, in one point of our history, more or less to millions of years ago. I mean, these different stars, civilization they started really to come to these beautiful very unique empathy your own planet to then in plan the training, you know, another level of evolution. Maybe that’s the reason why plants today are going into space and you know, going out into Mars. I thought that they were going out there to colonize. But maybe they’re going to reclaim their ancient lands themselves. But in reality,we have also to mention that as you scale up very often are teaching in your classes.

Well, the real first Internet Of The Planet Earth The planets are actually the different routes that the plans the makes the plans to be connected with all of that. But even more interesting, and this is what in the Mystery School we’re going to learn. So we talk also about energy lines, the synchronic lines, we call these you know net of forces that are surrounding Gaia that planet earth, then they are also standing itself outside of the of the planet connecting to the outer energies of the of the outer planets. So this whole system and the entire net of the source system connecting with a bigger net is the one that is beyond.

So in our heads, we can see literally a net of energy in which informations are constantly is changed. Now why the plans are so important. one more element, because mostly in this moment in which these lines they have a kind of freedom procession like an opening and closing or opening and receiving but also sending and talking obviously about the most important ritual, the equinox, Spring and Fall Solstice even more important winter summer. So in the moment of opening of these lines of these, you know, universal communication, again, who are going to send the messages and who is going to receive the messages from the cosmos. Here we go the planets

Yeah, I actually read a quote that was interesting because we talk a lot in Diamond her about the trees, their role in this network and also in their role as antennas that communicate across the synchronic line. But recently, I read a quote as I was translating one of the books actually was more editing the translation, about the fact that the grass is the are the super computers, basically of our planet. And so I think that as we start to connect some of these ancient mysteries, we will much better understand the roles of these grasses which of course today when I say grass, we think about your lawn, right the grass right in front of your house. But when we’re thinking about ancient Egypt, for example, we’re thinking about big grasses. We’re thinking about a whole other species that are live there and then long grasses and so if we think of that as the supercomputers of our planet, if we can reenact from the antennas, which are bringing in everything from the universe, into our planet, and then have that computed out through grass, which grows everywhere and anywhere, I’ve seen it growing through the sand in each that has, you know, miles of beach and the grass is growing through the sand grains.

And I think that that really gives us an opportunity to reengage this connection between plant can home and human can home like animal world and then understanding you know, even deeper all of these questions. So how does this tie into in the Mystery School from what I you know, we talk about the journey of the soul. We go through pies, we talk about your personalities and changes that happen in this lifetime. How does that help us? How does it first help for me to go through that kind of path? But then how can I use that as to help the planet or to be a better steward of the planet?

But you know, I can just say something very common in spirituality. So to help the human hand to help the planet to transform what is going on in the world. So you have to start from yourself. So there’s no truth there’s no way so that’s the reason why the Mystery School don’t these three different years is really connecting to some very, very important stuff at the first year that for me is one of the most exciting thing don’t misunderstand me also the honors are pretty intense society. But the first year that is really the beginning.

A three year program, by the way, yes, sometimes four.

Yes, it’s three years program 10 seminars every every every year, but by the way, the first year is really the process of re awakening is the process in which you’re going to read cognize or remember all your potential your faculties. So astral travel, your past life, the use of sound, the use of the breath, but also everything that is connected to the meaning of life, the meaning of spirituality, the knowledge that is going to be with us all the time that reawakening of our inner senses in many other aspects of the of the first year is going to be a sort. Let me just say a kind of Renaissance. So it’s a kind of renaissance of the soul because it’s finally the moment to bloom, let’s say that metaphorical seed that we all have, and sometimes we don’t even are aware of what the seed is containing.

So these this reawakening is going to be that obviously, not only through meditation or through information through many different practice, you know, instrument techniques that we’re going to use inside of the seminars because the similar they always have, you know, part of you need to learn but also things that you have to practice to do. You know, we talk about not only meditation but also they’re married action. So the true says that the knowledge it will bring us to, to things into action to put things into practice to put things to truly transforming our life and it’s not that me degree Lau someone a teacher is going to transform you know, you are going to transform yourself, you through your freewill. That for us is let’s say the last divine power, the most important power that still with us. So it’s through your choices that you’re going through, literally transform it and then to transform your life and then to transform this.

And so I mean, this is a reason why we wanted to create this mystery school specifically inside of the naturally conscious community because we wanted to create that safe space where not just you yourself go through this evolutionary change. We bring the plants in we could have the coaching aspect to help you work through your individual pieces. We could have the safe space so that you could work on the collective and help each other through mutual and mirroring and helping each other grow and expand faster as well as more debugging and to have that access to us. So but we there’s so much more we can say we’re gonna we’re gonna stop this now because this could go on forever. I mean, I’m just really grateful for growth a little bit. We’re going to have a little add an information session that Wednesday the 10th of January.

So don’t worry if you miss it. If you’re listening to this podcast episode afterwards, not a problem. The recording will be available because our goal is to offer a new version of a new explants charged version of the mystery school in 2024. And this is our your opportunity, your opportunity to come and ask as many questions as you want of myself. Are there Right? Absolutely there. We’re going to share some we’re going to answer questions and we’re going to talk about the logistics we’re going to talk about also hold all the questions that you have and come on the 10th of January into the naturally conscious community if by any chance you miss it, no problem. Come watch the replay and put your questions there. It is in NCC that we are going to be sharing all the information and we are going to create and launch this amazing program of us all together. Absolutely.

So don’t miss it. We are waiting for you. And we’re waiting for all your questions.

Well, we will see you on the 10th or not. We’ll watch you on the replay. Bye.

Thanks for listening to this episode of reconnect with plant wisdom, Intro and Outro Music by Steve Shuli and poinsettia from the singing Life of Plants. So join me to give you like our Dania and my plant collaborators next time on reconnect with plant wisdom

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