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Conversations on Plant Sensing

This week, we reviewed the first part of “Conversations on Plant Sensing – Notes from the Field” by Natasha Myers, a fascinating journey to understand not just how plants sense, but probably more importantly, how kin make sense of the world.

Myers interviews numerous molecular biologists, plant scientists, artists, activists, etc. on their fieldwork, discovering along the way the complex and dynamic relationships created with plants when you work together so intimately. This challenges human-centric notions of perception and communication, while also inspiring new ways of thinking and acting in relation to these same relationships.

I love her approach to these conversations. Similar to myself, she combines her scientific background with her creative expression as a dancer and choreographer. This allows for more authentic interpretations of the conversations, including critical thoughts around the validity of her own ideas.

We wrapped up this thought-provoking essay with a doozy: could there be benefits to anthropomorphizing in our discussions about plants, specifically when we think of it as two-directional, where humans vegetalize?

Topics Covered about plant sensing:

  • How deep connection with plants can inspire new ways of thinking and acting
  • The benefits of anthromorphization with regards to plants
  • Cultural and political implications of a deep understanding of plant sensing
  • What happens to human thinking when we embody plant movement?

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Episodes related to effects of sound waves

View the paper here

Myers, Natasha. (2015) Conversations on Plant Sensing: Notes from the field. NatureCulture, 35-66.

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