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What does Ecozoic mean?

Thomas Berry, in conversation with Brian Swimme, coined the term, “Ecozoic era” in 1989. Rather than focusing on a geologic era by looking to the past, this one aims to influence behavior by looking to the future.

In Spring of 2010, Allysyn Kiplinger wrote a paper in favor of the full adoption of this term. And while it sounds pretty good at the surface, reading through her paper brought to light some broad-range assumptions that have us wondering, “Should we really adopt this term based on these considerations?” It felt a bit too human-centric, as if she missed the forest for the trees.

Not only, it begs the question of whether a geologic term can and should look to influence behavior at all. 

Topics Covered about how ecozoic:

  • How and why do new words get coined?
  • The history of Ecozoic, and the many words leading to its coinage
  • Age of Man, Age of Mind, Age of… which should it be?

Commentary on ecozoic in the Naturally Conscious Community:

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Episodes related to effects of sound waves

View the paper here

Kiplinger, Allysyn. “What Does Ecozoic Mean?.” The Ecozoic Times. Accessed 23 February 2024

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