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Phytomorphizing performance: plant performance in an expanded field

The arts is a big part of how I connected, communicate, and convey the vegetal mind, but this essay, as the title says, takes this into an expanded field! The performance space is thought to be populated by actors acting on actions, something that most people do not see people capable of doing. But Travis Brisini has different ideas. 

This essay helped me uncovered my own biases in how I see plants in performance. In reality, plants are already performers, humans just fail to recognize what is right before us, as usual. 

From the abstract: 
“This essay embraces the possibilities offered by the “nonhuman turn” (Grusin vii) in the humanities and social sciences, and forwards the claim that plants are performers. In so doing, the essay analyzes the common claims about the ontology of performance, demonstrates how plants meet a strict rubric of evaluation for consideration as performers, and offers potential repercussions and opportunities for performance theory, if a plant performance is seriously considered.”

And after listening to parts 1 and 2, you are going to want to consider plants as performers!

Topics Covered about plants in performance:

  • The current ontology of performance
  • Objections to plants in this field
  • Definitions of activity
  • Biases and objections to plant actions

Commentary on plant performance in the Naturally Conscious Community:

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Brisini, Travis. “Phytomorphizing performance: Plant performance in an expanded field.” Text and Performance Quarterly 39.1 (2019): 3-21.

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