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Standing in the Shadows of Plants

We’ve reviewed several papers about plant blindness, a term that describes the human tendency to overlook the importance of plants in our ecosystems and daily lives, but none in as expansive way as this. By then end, you really do realize we live our lives in the shadows of plants.

Sanders suggests that by creating sensory-rich environments where plants are prominently featured across different genres, we can help overcome this “plant disparity disorder.” This research highlights the importance of re-thinking the entire way we create relationships with plants, especially in educational, political, and artistic realms. Only then will we “see” kin for who they truly are.

Topics Covered about shadows of plants:

  • Using art to enhance plant awareness
  • Wide range of perspectives on the topic of “plant blindness”
  • plants as a key subject in education
  • The origins of plant blindness

Commentary on shadows of plants in the Naturally Conscious Community:

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Sanders, Dawn L. “Standing in the shadows of plants” Plants, People, Planet. 2019;1:130–138.

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