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Ten (not-so-easy) steps for life in the Planthroposcene

This opinion piece by Natasha Myers presents a thought-provoking–if sometimes justifiably ranty–view that challenges the Anthropocene, the current geological era dominated by human activity. Myers advocates for a shift to the Planthroposcene, a new way of thinking that emphasizes the importance of plants and other non-human actors in shaping our world.

The article is not just a scholarly piece but an incantation, a call to action to break free from destructive patterns of capitalism and colonialism that have led to environmental degradation. Myers urges us to remember that humans are not a singular, dominant force but part of a larger, interconnected community.

Through ten transformative steps, she invites you to reimagine your relationship with the planet, promoting a collaborative existence that respects and learns from the natural world.

I am curious, do you think the steps she lists are hard for you personally? What about for mainstream society? Let me know in the comments and in the Naturally Conscious Community.

Topics Covered about the planthroposcene:

  • Anthropocene vs Ecozoic vs Planthroposcene
  • Feral Gardening
  • Tearing down of colonialism and human exceptionalism
  • Releasing all we know to learn who we are now

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Myers, Natasha. (2021). How to grow liveable worlds: Ten (not-so-easy) steps for life in the Planthroposcene. ABC Religion & Ethics. Last Accessed 3 May 2024.

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