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The 1970s Plant Craze

The 1970s witnessed a unique cultural phenomenon where plants captivated the imagination of the public and artists alike. The plant craze of this period saw a fusion of New Age spirituality with emerging ecological awareness, challenging the notion that consciousness and intellect were exclusively human traits.

But how did it all come about? And what were the effects?

Influenced by cybernetics, plants were reimagined as intricate communicative entities, leading to a rich tapestry of visual and filmic expressions that celebrated plant communication, sentience, and intelligence.

Technology like the Music of the Plants and other plant-sensing tools were birthed in this time, eventually helping to bring in a new thought on the intelligence of plants. Unfortunately thought, there were other ideas that were labeled pseudoscience, cementing the idea that plants are nothing more than objects.

Together, we explore how visual arts helped usher in a new paradigm where plants are much more than meets the eye.

I am curious, do you think of the plant craze of the 1970s? What role did it play in changing the hearts and minds of mainstream society? Let me know in the comments and in the Naturally Conscious Community.

Topics Covered about the plant craze:

  • How New Age spirituality opened the door to a new way of perceiving
  • Why film and sound are so important to help humans perceive differently
  • What came after the plant craze, and why it took so long for plant science to catch up
  • The Secret Life of Plants and similar books, films, and music

Commentary on the plant craze in the Naturally Conscious Community:

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