Ep.58 Finding Peace with Fear of Death | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.58 Finding Peace with Fear of Death

This is a very difficult episode to share, but I know this message is important. If you, like me, have an innate fear of death, then come a little closer and listen carefully. I want to share with you how the plants have helped me face my fear. And I hope that you allow kin to do the same for you.

I dedicate this episode to my inspirational friend, sister, and fellow Knight, Aquila di mare Curcuma. I love you so much and think of you daily. Thank you for everything you gave to me, to Damanhur, to our students, and to the world. I have no doubt that we continue our work together.

Topics Covered about death and dying

  • Birth, Death, and what happens in between
  • How plants helped me find true, inner peace
  • Plants experience death differently, and so should we

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