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Plant knowledge: transfers, shaping and states in plant practices

This paper explores the ways in which knowledge about plants is generated and transferred. ​ Ellis examines traditional studies of plants, such as ethnobotany, and challenges the accepted boundaries of plant studies, which I like. ​The paper argues that “plant practitioners do not view the acquisition and production of plant knowledge as purely intellectual, but rather as requiring specific bodily and psychic states that enable access to deeper plant knowledge.”

The paper explores the various ways plant connection and relationship allow for the transfer of knowledge. This knowledge doesn’t just come about because the practitioner wants to know. The plant must perceive the readiness and state of consciousness of the human to pass on the knowledge. 

Overall, the paper highlights the importance of understanding the various ways in which plant knowledge is generated and transferred, and the need to move beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries in the study of plants. 

Topics covered about plant knowledge

  • This paper challenges the traditional boundaries of plant studies as purely knowledge for the sake of knowledge
  • Plant knowledge is not solely intellectual, but also requires specific states of consciousness and body
  • Importance of understanding the imponderabilia of plant life, the need to explore the ways in which plants communicate to practitioners

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Ellis, W. (2018). Plant knowledge: transfers, shaping and states in plant practices. Anthropology Southern Africa, 41(2), 80–91.

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