You know what really counts: doing good work, connecting with nature, and being kind to our planet.

I help you shed imposter syndrome so you can make the difference you’re meant to make.

You’ve got big dreams. The seeds are planted. You’re ready to get it done and start putting your life’s work out into the world…

…And that’s when your pesky inner critic rears its ugly head and tells you, “You’re not good enough. You’re not original enough. You don’t even fully know what you want to do yet. Who do you think you are?!”


I’ve got you. I can help.

I’m a Nature-Inspired Mentor and ICF PCC Credential Leadership Coach who helps multipotentialites, creatives, and naturepreneurs like you gain confidence to make an impact for themselves and the planet.

The plant world is my passion! Plants show me new ways to do business inspired by nature’s 3.8 billion years of problem-solving genius. 

Curious to know more? Check out my 1:1 mentorship programs and online courses (warning: you’ll never see plants the same way again)!

Fun fact about me #1:
I’ve toured with Cirque du Soleil
and had my own circus
Fun fact about me #2:
I regularly listen to plant music.
Fun fact about me #3:
I am a Knight, a Kabbalist, and an Initiate
Fun fact about me #4:
I speak multiple languages
(and I’m always learning another one)
Fun fact about me #5:
I live in Damanhur in Italy—one of the largest spiritual ecocommunities in the world
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What does “Nature-Inspired” actually mean? 

Lead by Example

Unlock your unique gifts, let yourself be seen, and work in alignment with the natural world.

Why work with plant intelligence?

After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen firsthand that using a plant-inspired approach is key to shaping a sustainable future for our well-being, our businesses, and our planet. Natural Intelligence is far more efficient than human cleverness… so we might as well learn everything we can!

How did this become “a thing”?

For me, it started with looking to nature for answers. If you open my eBook reader, you’ll see tons of books on biomimicry, plant intelligence, and biophilic design (these fields share ways to use nature’s models, systems, and processes to solve complex human problems!).

Is it possible to talk to plants, too?

Yes—and you often get a response! Plant communication is about learning to listen to the deep wisdom of nature. And because you are nature, in the process you discover your own true wisdom. You can learn the exact tools to do this in my ReConnect To The Plant Kingdom course.

Check out my recent interviews, contributions, podcasts, and videos

Nature’s talking. Are you listening?

You see lots of conversations all over the place about Spirit Animals, but the concept of Spirit Plants seems much less understood. So I created a little quiz and some fun exercises to help you identify and reconnect with your Spirit Wild Plant. 

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