My Approach & Expertise

Creating a sustainable future is a science and an art

(with a little magick thrown in).

approach & expertise

Grow Your Business

Create outstanding products, services, systems, and processes... by using nature as your model! I blend my extensive experience in biomimicry, engineering, and the world of business and technology—at RealNetworks and Microsoft—with the latest scientific research to deliver elegant nature-inspired solutions for your business. Your work will never be the same again!

Follow Nature's Lead

Find the answers to even your most complex challenges using nature’s tried-and-tested methods. As an experienced biomimicry facilitator, I help you get to the root of your problems (whether it’s for you, your team, or an event) and discover new possibilities based on nature’s innate wisdom. After all, the most innovative ideas are around us every day—in the natural world!

Learn From Plants

Discover new ways to do business (and do good) with the wisdom of plant intelligence. The plant world is my passion, and for good reason—their strategies help them form mutually beneficial partnerships with ease. We can use these same strategies to create a purposeful, profitable, and positive future for ourselves and for the planet.

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