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Meet Tigrilla Gardenia

Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla Gardenia turned that passion into her vocation. Her journey started in a polyethnic childhood in the Cuban-music filled streets of Miami. She earned a degree in music engineering and electrical engineering from the University of Miami, and after graduation turned down an offer from the FBI to take a chance in the high-tech internet bubble of Seattle working at RealNetworks—back then known as Progressive Networks—and eventually Microsoft.

Always true to her creative roots, throughout her tech career she continued to develop as an actor, singer, and dancer. A chance casting in an all-night performance unleashed her spiritual re-awakening. Unable to hold back the transformation, she stepped away from her safe corporate world, and launched a successful production company, Infinite Connections. There, she produced music, circus arts, fine art, and performance events with the goal of bringing together the unexpected to hold space for deep transformation.

Simultaneously, her own spiritual studies blossomed into a growing Kabbalah and Sacred Geometry practice. Jumping at an opportunity to tour with Cirque du Soleil, she took her business acumen and sacred work to Europe, and after some twists and turns that involved several countries and various consulting gigs, landed in one of the world’s largest spiritual communities, Damanhur, in Italy, where she continues to live.

Enter Music of the Plants...

While designing and launching the community’s online media strategy, it was in Damanhur that she fell in love with the plant world, bringing the missing ‘S’ into her love of all things STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Walking in the capital territory of the community, she heard faint music coming from a wooded area. Following the sound, she met her first plant musician who was using a device (Music of the Plants) to communicate with her via music. 

It has been said that, “Music is a language, when in fact, language is a music, and communicative musicality is its foundation.” Tigrilla understands plant music instinctually, and has been on a deep dive into all things Plant Communication—Neurobiology, Intelligence, Cognition—ever since that first musical encounter

To bring that ‘S’ in STEAM up to the same level as the rest, she returned to academia to earn a masters degree in Futuro Vegetale (Vegetal Future): plants, social innovation, design under Stefano Mancuso of the LINV (International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology) and Leonardo Chiesi (Sociology of Environmental Design) from the University of Florence. She is also a Biomimicry Facilitator, (Eco)Systems Design Thinker, Nature Inspired Mentor, and ICF PCC Credential Life Coach

Damanhur's Open Temple
Damanhur's Open Temple
Tigrilla Gardenia

Collaborating with plants to help you Lead a Naturally Conscious Life in alignment with your True Nature and our shared Spiritual Ecosystem

Tigrilla Gardenia’s esoteric studies complement the science, and provide her with unique insight which she uses to facilitate personal and professional development for conscious leaders to make an impact in communities and for the planet. To support this evolution, she offers one-on-one mentoring and coaching, plant communication courses, group leadership programs, and personalized facilitation.

Tigrilla can often be found chatting with wild plants wherever she goes, especially grass. In her many travels, she finds the grasses underfoot to be the most knowledgeable about the local culture. If you’d like to learn more about her adventures and how communicating with plants will change your worldview, join her Naturally Conscious Community—an ecosystem that hosts deep conversations and practical learnings about the plant mind and how to communicate with plants directly to receive kin’s wisdom and embody our True Nature as conscious leaders.

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