What is a Naturepreneur?

Are you a Naturepreneur?

Nature + Entrepreneur = Naturepreneur

A nature-loving creative, healer, or entrepreneur who wants to lead a more conscious life and do well by doing good. 


You’re a creator. A maker. An artist. You have important work to do—helping us wake up, wise up, and make new choices. Your art slaps us around the heart with its brilliance. Your truth needs to be heard.


You see the beauty in others. You feel things on a soul level (and teach us how to do the same).  Your kind, compassionate guidance helps us break free from our self-imposed cages and brings deep inner peace.


You know purpose and profitability are not mutually exclusive. You intuitively sense the future of doing business lies in working closely with nature to create conscious businesses that are good for us and for our planet.

Calling all Naturepreneurs!

It’s time to do what you love, live freely in your truth, and make the world a better place. I help you get there.

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