27 June 2023


Your Limiting Beliefs

The naturally conscious framework from block to empowerment co-created with plant wisdom and esoteric knowledge

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To fall in love with Talents wrapped in limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness AND START THE PROCESS OF EVOLVING Them

I truly believe you are born with everything you need to accomplish your Life Purpose.

You were given talents and skills supercharged by the numerous passions capturing your attention. As a multipotentialite, it is easy to get carried away by the latest inspiration. And contrary to what you’ve been told, that’s the way it should be. 

There have probably been times when some of your most powerful talents have become trapped under a layer of fear, converting sources of strength into limiting beliefs.

It happens, we’ve all been there, frozen by impostor syndrome or focused on your unworthiness and thoughts that it’s not going to work. But I don’t believe in releasing or eliminating skills just because they have some gunk attached to them that holds you back from using them wisely. 

I want you to evolve them so they regain their full, positive power once again!

And to do that, you need to fall in love with the underlying talent, skill, or characteristic stuck under outdated beliefs that keep you stuck in place.

Precisely what we will talk about in this webinar.

Together with lessons from Himalayan Cedar and knowledge from the Damanhurian Quesiti, we are going to lay the foundation for an evolutionary journey from block to empowerment, without losing or letting go of any part of you.

It pains me to think of all the amazing souls who are holding themselves back from living their mission because of some limiting beliefs or block.

Wouldn’t divinities and the beings of nature want you to use every talent and skill you’ve been given to create heaven on Earth??

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