Tigrilla Gardenia, Biomimicry Facilitator, Communication with the Plant World

We’re at a critical point in the story of the human species. The challenges we face require leaders and innovators who know how to create resilient, well-adapted solutions. The path forward must be generous to future generations of all life on earth. -Biomimicry 3.8

We tend to think of people as either technical or creative, scientific or artistic. Teachers, lectures, and facilitators are usually in a separate group all to themselves.

But there are those rare souls that bridge all these together to connect us to the best parts of ourselves and others. Tigrilla Gardenia is one of those souls.

Using her experience from the technology and business worlds—RealNetworks and Microsoft—and creative worlds —Infinite Connections and Cirque du Soleil—Tigrilla brings multidisciplinary experience to every session. Biomimicry, scientific research, and experiences in artistic, engineering, and spiritual contexts provide the base from which she guides teams to deliver nature-based concept designs for products, services, systems, and processes. With over 20 years of professional experience and over 12 teaching and training, she can help you and your team create a collaborative environment.

How does she do it? 

By tapping into plant intelligence and nature-inspired solutions, then add to that a little secret sauce, and there you have it!

Tigrilla asks the question, “How would nature solve your challenge?” then guides you through the techniques necessary to design the answers. Check out her one on one mentorship support.

Group Training and Workshops

I invite you to come on board this 7-week voyage, and enjoy the benefits of communicating with plants in weeks instead of years under my guidance.

There aren’t any courses like this out there. Most are either really spiritual, so all you do is feel, or really scientific, so all you do is think. The problem with this is that then you are not able to actually use what you learn.

In this course, you get a balance so that the end result can be applied to just about any situation. You learn from plants in a way that allows you to integrate those learnings into everyday life. And quickly! 


Additional Training Formulas Include:

Biomimicry and Circular Innovation Facilitator

When it comes to practicing biomimicry—applying lessons from nature to your design challenges—the answers can be found all around you. Whether you are working on a new product design, organizational structure, or complex process, nature’s 3.8 billion years of experience holds the secrets to sustainable solutions. Having a biomimicry facilitator take you through the design process not only yields surprising and relevant inspirations, but also leaves you thinking about how to apply nature-inspired lessons to other areas of your business or organization.

Tigrilla know that diversity can be found not just in the solutions, but sometimes in the problem itself. This is why she is available to custom tailor a workshop or team training to fit your organization’s specific needs.

If you are interested in:

  • Having a Biomimicry Facilitator take you through the Innovation Process for your design concept
  • Discovering organizational structures inspired by nature
  • Connecting to nature in the city to de-stress and focus
  • Discussing how to introduce Nature-Based Innovations in your business

Or are looking for:

  • Nature-Inspired Moderation & Facilitation
  • Facilitation of Biophilic Transformation Processes

Tigrilla offers:

Contact Tigrilla now to create your perfect program!

Past Keynote Speaker Presentations, Workshops, Exhibits

  • Global EcoVillage Network Europe Conference, Schweibenalp, Switzerland – June 2013 – Workshop Presenter
Sonica Reloaded, Naples, Italy – August 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Building Sustainable Communities, Jacksonville, Florida, USA – December 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Living Consciously, Miami, Florida, USA – December 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Searching for Urban Songlines, CERES Environment Park, Melbourne, Australia – January 2014 – Teacher
  • Rainbow Serpent Gathering, Lexton, Australia – January 2014 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Evolver Social Movement Spore, Melbourne, Australia – January 2014 – Tea
  • Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK – May 2014 – Exhibitor
  • The One Show with Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen, London, UK – May 2014 – with the Plants
  • Plant Consciousness, London, UK – October 2014 – Guest Speaker
  • Royal Horticultural Society Plant and Potato Fair London, UK – February 2015 – Exhibitor and Workshop Presenter
  • Alternatives, London, UK – 23 February 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Damanhur Modena, Italy – March 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Planta Plant Show, Palacio Boadillo, Spain – April 2015 – Guest Speaker and Exhibitor
  • Buddha Bag, Dublin, Ireland – 7 May 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Gateways of the Mind, Dublin, Ireland – May 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Floraart, Zagreb, Croatia – May 2015 – Exhibitor
  • Damanhur in Florida, New Beginnings Wellness Center, Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA – October 2015 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Krop sind ånd, Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2016 – Guest Speaker and Exhibitor
  • Oser la Fraternité, Les Karellis, France – May 2016 – Workshop Presenter and Exhibitor
  • L’Associazione “fra il cuore e la mente”, Valle Strona, Italy – May 2016 – Guest Speaker
  • Музиката на Растенията – презентация, концерт и курс, Sofia, Bulgaria – June 2016 – Guest Speaker and Teacher
  • Heart and Mind Festival, London, UK – September 2016 – Guest Speaker and Panelist
  • British Flower and Vibrational Essences Gathering , Kegworth, UK – March 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Divine Transformation – Damanhur in Miami, Florida – April 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Kansainvälinen Taianomainen Luonto-ja Vesitapahtuma, Mäntyharju, Finland – May 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Damanhur, Italy – June 2017 – Instructor
  • Green Culture Forum, Montenegro – June 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Being Gathering, Idanha-a-nova, Portugal – June/July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Damanhur, Italy – July 2017 – Instructor
  • How do Mystery Schools and Alchemy Fit into your Life, Miami, Florida – July 2017 – Presenter
  • Discover Interspecies Music by Plants and Humans, Miami, Florida – July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Interspecies Music and Co-Creation with the Plant World, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Discover Interspecies Music by Plants and Humans, Delray Beach, Florida – October 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Interspecies Music and Co-Creation with the Plant World, Huntsville, Alabama – October 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Huntsville, Alabama – October 2017 – Instructor
  • Runchero Community Planning, Shelbyville, Kentucky – December 2017/January 2018 – Consultant
  • Learn from Other Worlds, London, UK – January 2018 – Guest Speaker
  • Minä Olen Messut, Helsinki, Finland – February 2018 – Guest Speaker
  • Compost Cultivator Biomimicry Workshop – July 2018 – Co-Facilitator
  • Mangrove Greenhouse Biomimicry Workshop – October 2018 – Co-Facilitator
  • Communication with the Plant World, Kristiansand, Norway – August 2019 – Instructor
  • Plant Music and Communication, Bettum, Norway – August 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Plant Music and Communication, Holt gard, Norway – August 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Fredrikstad, Norway – August 2019 – Instructor
  • Communication with the Plant World, Bergen, Norway – September 2019 – Instructor
  • ReConnect to the Plant Kingdom, online – September-November 2019 – Instructor
  •  Body Mind Spirit, Oslo, Norway – November 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Planetary illness for Evolutionary Transformation on Heal the World Summit – January 2020
  • Tribute to Women Online Summit – February 2020
  • CreateYes Online Summit – June 2020
  • Spiritual Biz Accelerator Summit – August 2020
  • Green Culture 2020 – September 2020