Unleash your talents.
Achieve your ambitions.
Lead by example.

It’s time to reawaken your full potential and make the difference you were born to make.

Think of me (and the plant kingdom!) as your personal guide in showing you how to live in alignment with your True Nature and create a life that’s 100% you.

By showing up as who you really are—a nature-loving creative, healer, and/or entrepreneur—you’ll become the Conscious Leader our planet desperately needs. 

Kickstart Your Conscious Evolution

With the right strategies and plant-inspired approach, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Whether you want to grow a wildly successful business, create art with total confidence, or use your talents to save the world…. nothing is beyond your reach!

Finally, you get to stop drowning in self-doubt, make a real positive impact, and spend time on projects that MATTER to you.

You also get to:
Since working with Tigrilla, I’ve self-published two kindle and paperback books in the last two months. I’m now getting support in a marketing and advertising campaign. Before I was just wish-dreaming and spinning my wheels. Now I’m confidently taking real steps towards realizing the results I want.
Richard MacKay
Poet & Writer
With Tigrilla’s support, I started actually selling artwork (which I hadn’t been doing for this particular project). It’s accelerated things for me in just three months. She understands what it’s like to be an artist in the world and creates a safe space to share your work and reach out for help when you need it.
Róisín McNamee
Artist & Traditional Sign-Maker

Conscious Leadership Coaching.

Inspired by Plants

Flowering Tree Mentorship

12 Month Program

One-on-one coaching for nature-loving creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to their success and ready to see real results. 

Here's how it works

Pay in full $7,500 USD or
12 x monthly payments of $625 USD

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