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Reflections from your True Nature

A FREE 5-day challenge to find your way back to your Natural Intelligence in order to reawaken your Life-enhancing capabilities for personal and professional evolution.

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The next live experience starts on February 14th!

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Are you feeling friction? Like your path, as it is now, isn't natural?

Do you want to generally make life feel much more in flow?  Because let’s be serious here, being human in the way we’re doing it now feels like going against the super strong heavy currents most of the time. Who wouldn’t want to discover how to make things more “natural”?!

Imagine what new capabilities will reawaken when you further embody your plantness!


“I think one of the biggest lessons we can learn is that there is a natural order to things and above all else, we will thrive once we tap into that natural order of things. That is what nature does: you cut back a plant and it will grow again; seeds are dispersed everywhere, for the sole purpose of growth. Nature is our teacher."

My Promise to you:

At the end of 5 days, with the help of plant allies, you will recognize yourself as a being of nature and begin to understand what it means to embody your true Human potential—the good stuff that comes from the inside.

Despite continuous change and unexpected disruptions, plants find ways to adapt, and ultimately, thrive. For 470+ million years, kin have been cleverly supporting and creating Life, turning waste into nourishment and barren land into luscious ground.

Plants, and collectively all of Nature, are the undisputed masters of innovation, change management, and naturalization. And believe it or not, you are part of that. So why not embrace your True Nature to become the integrated being you were put on this planet to become?

Think about how using your Natural Intelligence can empower you to find innovative solutions that nourish you and the planet simultaneously.

What would it be like to achieve your goals in a way that is healthy and resilient by creating flourishing ecosystems of mutually-beneficial relationships?

Your 4 steps to reawakening:

Daily LIVE video lessons on what plants show you about being human.

Guided meditations and activities to reawaken the plant within you.

A community of nature-inspired leaders for non-stop group support.

ME, Tigrilla, on hand to answer questions, provide feedback, and be your plant reflector.

The result: feel more aligned, alive, and authentic

(with deep awareness for the True Nature you’ve reclaimed)!

“There is a secret formula hidden deep in nature’s intelligence, which catalyzed each of life’s great evolutionary leaps over billions of years and forms the basis of all ecosystems.” And that intelligence lies within you.

Get Ready to Embody Plantness

The challenge will be offered again soon. Join the waitlist to be the first to know of the next opportunity to embody your plantness.

The challenge starts 14 February 2022, and won’t be back until fall. Take this new year and new opportunity to embody your plantness.

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A FREE 5-day challenge to find your way back to your Natural Intelligence

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