Interspeces Research and Plant Music

Music of the Plants, Plant Music, Interspecies Research

The first time Tigrilla heard the Music of the Plants, she didn’t believe was she heard. Like many people, she thought it was the biological functions of plants made audible. But as she listened to plant music, her musical training kicked in. Quickly, she realized that she was not listening to random notes. Instead, she was hearing a sophisticated composition created by an intelligent being.

A Common Language

As a formally trained music engineer, musician, and performer, it was obvious that the Music of the Plants would become her main research tool. This musical instrument for plants distinguishes electromagnetic variations between the leaf and the root system and turns them into music. This allows plant musicians to express themselves creatively. The body of scientific research under titles such as plant neurobiology, plant cognition, and plant intelligence continues to grow. In addition to plant knowledge, there are new understandings of biophilia—the human need to connect to nature. Combining this awareness with MotP gives nature the ability to communicate in startling new ways. This opens doors for further advances in multiple fields as technology with plants. understanding the “plant mind” allos us to experience the complexity of the world that exists beyond our five senses.

Through years of research and experimentation, Tigrilla has learned that plants have many hidden talents. And through music, they can pass to the human world their knowledge, healing abilities and experiences. It is vitally important that we encourage and fund this research, bringing together researchers, doctors and healers to compare notes and devise studies. Tigrilla dedicates herself to just that. As an international speaker on the effects of plant music, she has met with hundreds of people actively looking into the healing power of plant music and interspecies communication. She dreams of creating a symposium or citizen science project based around the work being done with plant music and interspecies art, because she feels sharing of information and support is fundamental and will benefit society as a whole.

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