Kick-Start Your Conscious (R)Evolution | Personal Development

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How many times have you tried to change a negative habit, overcome an obstacle, or break away from a repeating pattern?

Overcoming obstacles on the Spiral of Life | Personal Development

You work so hard on personal development, only to have traits pop right back up and slap you in the face.

So you retreat into the safe space of the mind. Meditation, affirmations, positive thoughts are your refuge. They create a protected place where you imagine what your True Self is really capable of with the hopes of projecting it into existence in the real world.

But even that doesn’t work, because the world requires more than thoughts. It requires conscious action.

You need to leave behind these blocks if you are going to make an evolutionary turn on the Spiral of Life!

Breaking free from your limiting beliefs you can live the life of your dreams

Limiting beliefs can be quite sabotaging, they’ll stop you right in your tracks if you’re not committed to take it all the way to the end to evolve past them,

I remember being so tired of reaching a certain level, only to fall back before I could celebrate what I’d accomplished. I desperately wanted to liberate myself from my blocks.

I often say that the first line of my book will be, “I am the most positive negative person you will ever meet.” My mind naturally focuses on problems, and before I became conscious of this focus, I was perpetually stuck in problem-mode.

Everyone and everything had or was a problem that needed to be annihilated. And it was my job to point them out. ALL OF THEM!

Break free from Limiting Patterns | Personal Development

I would list out my problems, tell people about theirs, and overwhelm my friends and co-workers with a constant stream of what was going wrong around me.

Even when I had the insight to share a solution, the words out of my mouth were condescending and presumptions, or so they sounded. In reality, they were a protective coating carefully placed around my insecurities and fears. I didn’t believe I could build, since I only knew how to destroy.

When I embarked on my spiritual path, the first thing I wanted to do was transform my negative thoughts. I was fixated on personal development, using all the tools I was learning on this one goal.

And it worked… kind of.

I had moments when the negativity would subside briefly. In these rare reprieves, I was able to express my True Nature. It felt like a giant weight was lifted off my heart. I could show and be seen for me!

But then something would happen and I would fall back. You know the old expressions, “three steps forward, two steps back.” I was growing, but it was slow.

When you have positive mental health, you see the beauty within yourself and around you

The solution is different from what you have been told

Fast forward to today, and that destructive streak is barely there. 

I’d be lying to you if I said it was completely gone, which is what I hear so many programs promising. You know why?

Because my positivity actually comes from the same Source that my negativity comes from. They are two sides of the same energy, and each one is useful. 

You don’t want to eliminate one any more than you want to eliminate the other. You want to know how to use them both. 

What I learned over all these years of personal development—thanks to the guidance of all the beings in the natural and divine ecosystems that have been so patient with me—was not how to get rid of my destructive tendencies. I learned how to use them with precision. And that is what I teach you in this bootcamp!

Plants show us how in a flourishing ecosystem everything created and discarded is used as nourishment by someone else. And the divine ecosystem gives us access to the knowledge to understand how to best use your characteristics—even if they feel uncontrollable—to nourish yourself and others.

Create a Conscious (R)EVoulution

Want to join us?

A little about me, Tigrilla Gardenia

Tigrilla Gardenia with Amok Ashakran the Oak

For over 16 years, I have been using Plant Wisdom, Kabbalah, and Conscious Action to remove obstacles and evolve creation/destruction, negative/positive energies in my life and the lives of my students, clients, and mentees. With the help of natural and divine ecosystems, I teach how to become an even better version of yourself so that you can do more good for yourself, your family, your business, and the planet.

Fascinated by nature and spirituality since my earliest memories, I turned those passions into vocations. The desire to escape the confines of the corporate world proved too strong, and I soon began following my own spiritual path. I co-owned a circus, produced intentional dance events, taught Kabbalah, and even toured with Cirque du Soleil. 

Today, I work as a Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor and I am a World Ambassador of Plant Intelligence. 

A constant traveler, I have the honor of calling home Damanhur in Italy—one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world.

My roots firmly planted in the arts, communication, and the avant-garde. I use my expertise to empower leaders to achieve personal and professional success in order to bring meaning to Life and make an impact with work. I am a keynote speaker and mentor, running courses and workshops on reconnection with the plant kingdom and spiritual transformation.

Why join this bootcamp

By Using

Plant Wisdom
Ecosystem Dynamics
Esoteric & Scientific Knowledge

You Transform

Thoughts so you feel confident
Trust in yourself leading to action
Sense of purpose by recognizing your talents and gifts

To Arrive At

A consciously chosen path, where you feel lighter, rejuvenated, and empowered!


What I enjoyed most about the bootcamp was recognition of both the positive intent behind what I see as a weakness and what stops me and reframing it and feeling like it served me and is now time to let go of ... and recognizing it as a strength that I can learn discernment with dosing and timing. In other words learning to own my value.
Linda Frank
Linda F.
Tigrilla is a passionate, caring and determined facilitator who has developed some really empowering programs that actually bring results. I absolutely recommend Tigrilla’s brilliant “Kickstart your Conscious R(Evolution) Bootcamp” to anyone who has a persistent block they have wished they could finally make headway on.
Karen Aspin
Karen A.
I like the group approach, we learn from each other. Thank you so much for this opportunity to shed light on a deep part of my soul. I have such an appreciation for every side of me, shadow AND light...
Veronica C.
What I loved most about the conscious (r)evolution was "owning my own value", being aware when I mute or downplay and sabotage it in relationship with others. And how to see my perceived block/ limitation through a different lens and then when to use it and how much of a dose to use. This is still a growing edge.
Richard M.

You’ll discover how to consciously use a power you thought was holding you back to thrive

I have tried to transform this block so many times, why will this time work?

It is easy to think a trait is either useful or blocking, creative or destructive. In reality, it’s both. When you recognize this duality, you’re able to see a trait’s function and consciously choose how and when to use it. 

The goal of personal development is not to eliminate traits, but instead learn to use them correctly because there they were created for a reason.

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Here's what you do under my guidance

  1. Pick a pattern, characteristic, or behavior you have been trying to evolve, but just can’t seem to get there. Something you feel is holding you back from your greatness.
  2. Breakdown its story. This isn’t a modern tale, you will go back through your evolutionary baggage to find out how it was useful to you originally, because everything has its purpose.
  3. Using the knowledge and tools given, consciously choose to connect with this pattern, characteristic, or behavior to regenerate a new relationship.
  4. Liberated from the fear, enjoy the freedom to do more good while feeling lighter and more aligned.

Here’s what you get in order to do it

A community experience at a pivotal moment that will inspire, support, and empower you as you consciously evolve.

Five 45-minute masterclasses with 30 minutes of Q&A/discussion on:

  • What nature is asking of you and how to use the Grail to get there.
  • Why plants are pushing for change, while at the same time offering you protection.
  • What other tools (both worldly and otherworldly) are at your disposal.
  • Who you become when you come out the other side.
  • How you ensure you don’t slip back into your old ways.

A practical, honest, vulnerable look into the patterns and beliefs that are holding back. There is no time to keep hiding. You need to pull away the curtains of those traits hiding in the corner in order to let the light shine through.

A private Facebook Community to share your reflections, ask questions, and access the library of resources I will be making available to you. The deeper we go, the more collective wisdom you can draw on from me, the plant kingdom, and the other members of the community.

Spontaneous live conversations when you need them most, profound realizations about the nature of our planet, and a realization that this moment was created for you to use the energy to catapult your evolutionary growth.

Personal Development with the guidance of Tigrilla Gardenia

All lectures and live conversations will be recorded for you to access through the group.

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