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Limiting belief Kickstart your conscious (r)evolution
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Tigrilla Gardenia,
Nature Inspired Mentor

I see you

I know you feel incapable of taking action and are stuck on what distracts. Yet, we can all agree that change requires sustained action. Discipline has been your go-to tool for change, with not so great results. That’s why we need to help your limiting beliefs realize they no longer need to hold you back. Once you do that, you crack the protective shell you’ve created around your passions, and allow your talents to emerge, ready to flourish in fertile terrain.
Himalayan Cedar helped me realize that the protective shell, AKA your limiting beliefs, is actually a seed. You tucked all your talents into this safe place in the hopes that one day, when the coast was clear, they could re-surface.
With Cedar’s help, I’ve created a 5-step process for you to nurture the inner soil of your mind, so your talents can germinate once again to bask in the sunshine:

Release your layer of protection, and bloom.

1. Identify what pathogen your seed is protecting you from.

2. Discover what your talents need to feel safe and befriend your limiting fears.

3. Re-Plant your seed in a nourishing environment and foster growth.

4. Sprout the talents within, with nourishment and support from your passions.

5. Master how you keep your talents nourished in every season, and watch them flourish.

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“But I’ve tried everything… how do I know this will actually work for me?”

Unlike most other personal development programs, we recognize all passions are seeds, and no one is greater than the other.

Activate your hidden power


Limiting belief Kickstart your conscious (r)evolution

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Limiting belief Kickstart your conscious (r)evolution

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