Nature-Inspired Mentorship and
Leadership Coaching

You’re feeling the threat of planet-wide extinction and know you need to evolve past your fears if you’re going to achieve your life purpose and make a difference in the world. 

This is why I am committed to help you with the support of plant wisdom to reawaken your full potential so you can confidently lead your life in alignment with your True Nature.Tigrilla Gardenia

Tigrilla Gardenia | Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor

I know you...

You’re a nature-loving creative, healer, entrepreneur who wants to lead a more conscious life.

Today, you’re looking for the confidence and clarity to make decisions. Maybe you’re not sure why you’re making them or wonder about the impact they have on the planet. Whatever the reason, it’s inhibiting your ability to achieve your life purpose in your personal life, in business, in just about everything… and time is running out, extinction is right around the corner.

I fundamentally believe—based on scientific research, esoteric knowledge, and years of practical experience— that when you liberate yourself from inhibitions, limiting beliefs, and constraints imposed on you across many lifetimes—yep, they even come from past lives!—through education, culture, and heritage, you can consciously create a life that is truly yours. And in this state of flourishing is how you accomplish your life purpose and make an impact for yourself, your family, and the planet.

You’ve thought about leadership coaching, but isn’t that just for executives? And what’s this about plants?

I have chosen to align with plants so humanity can benefit from kin’s 470 million+ years of wisdom.

Tigrilla in Bergen, Norway

How do I know?

Back when we were all connected in one temporal kingdom, humans had full use of their abilities. This is why reconnecting with the plant kingdom is the most natural way to reawaken into your full human potential. I mean, if they know how to use 20+ senses and monitor vast areas while rooted in place, you too can learn how to expand the five senses you know so you can do more with ease and with greater impact.

Because remember… TIME IS RUNNING OUT… extinction threatens…!

Leadership is not just about the boardroom anymore. A leader is someone who can see a better path and who inspires themselves and others to follow that path. Today, we need leaders to step up in every area of life, which is where leadership coaching comes in.

Since you are a unique individual made up of lifetimes of experiences that change with the coming seasons, I’ve created personalized mentorship and coaching programs that think like a plant and are tailored for you: structured enough to keep you focused, while flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing conditions.

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Mentoring and Leadership Coaching Inspired by Plants

Rising Sprout

Three-month program

One 90-minute Strategy Session where we will identify your goals and lay down roots for evolutive growth. Five dedicated 60-minute Sessions to discuss new revelations, work through obstacles, prune any un-necessary shoots, learn from nature, and celebrate as your ideas sprout. One Plant Music Healing or Botanical Tarot Card Reading to add extra plant-inspired support to your process. Personal online mentoring through written support in a private Slack available through Tu-Sa. Three Months in the Naturally Conscious Leadership group with ongoingn training and support in order to deepen your connection with the divine and physical ecosystems you are a part.  Networking and support in the Naturally Conscious Community, an ecosystem in which to brainstorm, explore, and collaborate with others.

Pay in Full $2,100 USD


3 monthly payments of $700 USD

Flowering Tree

Twelve-month program

Two 90-minute Strategy Sessions where we assess where you are, explore your desires, and consciously choose the direction to take.

Sixteen dedicated 60-minute Sessions to widen your perceptions, increase your understandings, and engage in ongoing refinement through self-determined action.

Choose from a master astrology reading or nature constellation with a conscious industry leader to get a bigger picture of the energies currently guiding your evolution.

Four 60-minute Maintenance Sessions to reinforce your evolutionary successes, celebrate transformations, and make adjustments as needed.

Personal online mentoring through written support in a private Slack available through Tu-Sa.

Twelve Months in the Naturally Conscious Leadership group with additional practices and group mentorship guided by plant leadership, nature reconnection, and esoteric ritual.

Learn from plant wisdom and logic directly in the self-paced course, ReConnect to the Plant Kingdom. 

Nourish yourself in the Naturally Conscious Community where you can network and share experiences with like-minded nature lovers.

Pay in Full $7,500 USD


12 monthly payments of $625 USD

Custom programs and monthly retainers available upon request.

There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Book a discovery call with me so you can stop worrying about time running out for you to make a difference and put all that energy into consciously and effectively using your talents to confidently lead your life in alignment with your True Nature.

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Praise From Clients

Corinne Druelle

Corinne Druelle

Plant Music Naturepreneur

Tigrilla helps me focus on what needs to be done in order to get out of my old, limiting ways of doing things, and dare to step into the business world.

Richard MacKay

Richard MacKay

Writer, Poet, Musician

Before I was wish dreaming and spinning my wheels, and now I feel focused in my direction and confidently taking real steps toward realizing the results I want.