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Achieve personal and professional success that brings meaning to your life and greater impact to your work.

Tigrilla Gardenia | Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor

I know how it feels…

You are starting on your journey as a conscious entrepreneur with a mission to make a powerful impact in the world, be it environmentally or socially.

You want to achieve personal and financial freedom because we have all been born on this planet with the Divine right to be happy and abundant.

But something is stopping you. Perhaps you’ve already started on the journey, but you’ve reached a roadblock that has slowed you down or stalled your progress altogether.

Can you relate to any of these concerns?

  • a feeling of uncertainty
  • fear of failure
  • the path isn’t clear
  • you’re not sure it will work.

These are just a few of the problems people have in the early stages of “going it alone”.

But, with the right guidance and mentoring, you can easily work through them.

Tigrilla in Bergen, Norway

How do I know?

Because I’ve mentored many people in similar situations and I have been in your shoes myself…

I’ve worked through my own fears and uncertainties and come out the other side with a successful nature-inspired business. And now I’ve got a strong desire to pass on what I’ve learned.

My leadership mentoring will guide and help you:

  • Bring together your unique personal and professional skills to create a strategy that allows you to make a big impact and get recognized for it.
  • Help you easily and effectively create a network of people interested in what you offer that want to hire and recommend you, thus creating sustainable and affluent success.
  • Create a personalized communications strategy around your unique value so you are easily understood by and attractive to your ideal clients.
  • Clear away the fear of failure and feelings of uncertainty by creating a well-supported and easy to execute path that allows you to focus on what you offer the world while producing meaningful and income-generating connections.


If you feel like you’re at a crossroads in your business life right now, then I want to speak with you! My mentoring shines a light on the path that will lead to more meaning and success in your professional and personal lives.

We need a whole new approach to leadership that takes inspiration from the beings that do it best: PLANTS! And the first step to this is to reconnect your plant awareness so you open a channel for constant communication and guidance.
I’m blessed to have made many great friendships with passionate beings in far-reaching sectors from around the world and beyond, so I can introduce you to a ready-made network of like-minded persons that want to see you and your projects succeed…. because let’s be honest, the world needs more regenerative and spiritual business to get us back on track from extinction to evolution!

Forget worrying. Trust in nature…

You can do this!

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Observe nature, for it is your future”

This idea underpins the way I approach business mentoring.

Think about how the plant kingdom deals with growth:

  • Find a suitable location and ecosystem that will sustain Life
  • Identify sources of nourishment and form mutually-beneficial connections with them
  • Communicate within the ecosystem to thrive and help other beings do the same.

In other words, if you take the time to prepare the soil, nurture the right relationships, and give back to your “ecosystem”, you create the perfect conditions for your business, project, and even your life to take root and grow!

Just as plants share nutrients through their roots within an ecosystem, I share the benefits of my experience with you – to help you blossom and grow.

Sharing the wisdom of nature

My work has led me to some amazing discoveries about the way the plant kingdom communicates. There is so much wisdom that plants can share with us.

Through this research, I’ve realized that a business that operates like an ecosystem is more resilient and productive. This makes it more profitable and sustainable in the long run while nurturing that feeling that you are doing something positive for the planet.

I use a variety of methods to teach you how to create an ecosystem-like personal and professional relationships:

  • Storytelling
  • Vision Creation
  • Biomimicry
  • Creative Arts
  • Biophilic Design
  • A pinch of Magick

These business and personal mentoring approaches combine to bring your hazy ideas together into a crystal clear strategy. (Want to learn more about me?)

By the end of the mentoring program, you will:

  • Execute on a clear development strategy that is aligned with your ideas and ethics
  • Attract projects that have meaning and make an impact
  • Naturally nurture a personal and business relationships with confidence
  • Communicate what you do and who you are with ease
  • Feel supported by a wide-network of like-minded persons and organizations

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Praise From Clients

Corinne Druelle

Corinne Druelle

Plant Music Naturepreneur

Tigrilla helps me focus on what needs to be done in order to get out of my old, limiting ways of doing things, and dare to step into the business world.

Richard MacKay

Richard MacKay

Writer, Poet, Musician

Before I was wish dreaming and spinning my wheels, and now I feel focused in my direction and confidently taking real steps toward realizing the results I want.

Personal and Professional Mentoring Inspired by Plants

Rising Sprout

Three-month program

One 90-minute Strategy Session – In this clarity session, we will identify your goals and lay down roots for evolutive growth.

Five 60-minute Sessions – Fortnightly meetings to discuss new revelations, work through obstacles, prune any un-necessary shoots, learn from nature, and celebrate as your ideas sprout.

One Plant Music Healing or Botanical Tarot Card Reading – Add extra plant-inspired support to your process.

Personal online mentoring – Private messenger or Slack access available through Tu-Sa

Plant-Inspired Leadership Guidance – Enhance your journey with three months in my Naturally Conscious Leadership group. 

Networking and support – After Care through my Private Community. This virtual network will give you answers, suggestions, and a round of applause when you need it.

Pay in Full $2,855 USD


3 monthly payments of $955 USD

Flowering Tree

Twelve-month program

Two 90-minute Strategy Sessions – In these sessions, we will take the time to lay out a planting and growth strategy personalized to your unique goals.

Twelve 60-minute Sessions – Fortnightly meetings to discuss how your ideas are sprouting, nourish root growth, prune limbs that are holding you back, and celebrate the passing season as you move into maturity.

One MASTER READING by Ada Esquerre from A Badass Goddess

Five 60-minute Maintenance Sessions – Monthly meetings to discuss progress, plan direction, and make adjustments if needed.

Personal online mentoring – Private messenger or Slack access available through Tu-Sa

Plant-Inspired Leadership Guidance – Enhance your journey with one year (twelve months) in my Naturally Conscious Leadership group. 

Networking and support – After Care through my Private Community. This virtual network will give you answers, suggestions, and a round of applause when you need it.

ReConnect to the Plant Kingdom interactive online course – A 7-week guided voyage into the wisdom of nature for your personal and professional growth using methods that combine science, spirituality and the arts.


Pay in Full $8,035 USD


12 monthly payments of $670 USD

Custom programs available upon request.


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In Union With Nature, We are Stronger.

If you’re still not sure whether my mentoring programs will be for you, try answering these questions:

  • Looking to organize your ideas into a concrete plan and unified direction?
  • Do you want a business built around a life-changing purpose that makes an impact?
  • Curious to design a business around nature-inspired thinking, such as plant intelligence?

If you answered yes to two or more, then you’re an ideal candidate. 

How can I be so sure?

Not so long ago I was you! 

I was fortunate enough to work and study with mentors that put me on the right path and got me to where I am today. 

People like Stefano Mancuso of the LINV (International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology) and Leonardo Chiesi (Sociology of Environmental Design) from the University of Florence. I also had the good fortune of studying Biomimicry for Social Innovation and Product Development under Dayna Baumeister, co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8.

And then there are all the spiritual studies. To become a teacher of Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, and my own brand of Practical Spirituality, I have studied with renowned teachers around the world, such as Dolores Ashcroft-Norwiki (Servants of the Light), Maricarmen Rajel-Blascos (Portal Hinéni), and Falco Tarassaco (Damanhur).

These, and other mentors, taught me the power of applying natural principles to business and how they can also enhance your personal development.

By applying the wisdom of plant intelligence, storytelling, Kabbalah, sacred geometry, alchemy, and biomimicry, we will come up with a personalized program of personal and business development that will take you far beyond what you imagined possible.

The result…?

Thriving, Rewarding, Sustainable Professional and Personal Lives

As conscious entrepreneurs, we’re unconventional. We’re taking the path less traveled.

I want to help you be proud of that fact. I want to live your mutlipotentialite qualities to the fullest!.

Proud to stand apart and make a difference in the world. 

If you’re ready to develop a leadership strategy that makes dreams come true, then click here to schedule a discovery chat.