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  • How to create a lasting relationship with plants so that you can become a better steward of Mother Earth
  • How to evolve past your human limitations using methods that include plant music and art.
  • Discover why those who communicate regularly with plants accelerate their personal and professional growth

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My name is Tigrilla Gardenia and, like you, I have a deep desire to live in alignment with nature.

I’ve had the good fortune of studying with some of the greatest minds in eco-sciences, gaining a masters degree in Futuro Vegetale: plants, social innovation, design and doing research into the effects of plant music on human health.

I also have the pleasure of being a proud citizen of Damanhur in Italy — one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world — and a facilitator of Biomimicry.

Now, I want to pass on what I’ve learned to you so you can use the wisdom of plants to make an impact and change in the world as your transform yourself. 

Tigrilla Gardenia, nature-inspired personal and business consultant

And your assistant guide...

Chlorophytum comosum, often called spider plant or airplane plant, is a species of perennial flowering plant native to tropical and southern Africa. Various forms of spider plants can be founds in homes around the world, helping humans purify the air and their spirits.

Spider plant has been working alongside Tigrilla for several years. In addition to being a partner in the creation of many courses and activities, they are also a successful healer and plant musician.

I want to re-awaken your ancient connection with plants, so you can co-create a life of meaning and abundance.

-Tigrilla Gardenia

"Wonderful human being and amazing woman connecting us to the plant world."
Waldemar Falcão
Writer, Astrologer, Interspecies Musician

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