Mini Voyage to Reconnect with Plants

Feel connected to nature—every single day

Learn how to communicate with your Spirit Wild Plant in 3 easy steps!

You’ve taken the first step to becoming a nature-inspired leader by taking the free Spirit Wild Plant quiz. Now you’re ready to tune in to the wisdom of your personal plant and receive the guidance you need to turn your dreams into reality!

Learn to listen to plant intelligence

Your Spirit Wild Plant supports you to heal, thrive, and grow. Whether you’re struggling to make your art, believe in yourself, or let your work be seen… your plant’s got your back.

Ki knows you have an important role on this earthly journey!

By the end of this this mini course, you’ll:

  • Easily receive clear messages from your plant to help you take your next steps forward in business and in life
  • Go from ‘plant blindness’ to ‘plant awareness’ (and begin to pave your way as a nature-inspired leader)
  • Build a deep and meaningful two-way connection with your Spirit Wild Plant 

You’ll also get exclusive access to my favorite tools to connect with plant wisdom, including a reconnection practice, journal prompt, and plant music meditation.

All for just $12 USD!

“This course is bursting with illuminating and expansive exercises! After the meditation practice I feel more centered and peaceful, comfortably grounded in my own being, right here, right now.”

Pick the Spirit Wild Plant you’ll journey with:


Let your ideas take flight and trust in your unique gifts.
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Find balance, peace, and calm by going with the flow.
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Stinging Nettle

Lead by example and share your ideas with confidence.
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Strike the right balance between action and relaxation.
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Listen to your instincts and make smart decisions.
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