Naturepreneur and Dream Developer

Tigrilla Gardenia, Naturepreneur

Throughout her life, Tigrilla has always felt the need to create. Early on, she understood that her life mission was to “make dreams come true”. To this end, she often found herself behind the scenes bringing to life someone’s impossible dream. This, combined with her love of nature, drives her successful career as a naturepreneur!

To be honest, she would have happily remained back-stage, but collaborators and colleagues had different ideas.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the spotlight, she finds herself now on the stages she spent so many years creating. A natural public speaker and a passionate visionary, she chose to accept the challenge. Today, Tigrilla works both as a public figure and out of view, depending on the needs of the project.

Nature + Entrepreneur = Naturepreneur

Her talent for making projects successful has taken her on many journeys around the world. She released products for Microsoft, produced events for Infinite Connections, back-stage managed for Cirque du Soleil, taught Kabbalah for Eternal Light Energy, and more. We find her now speaking about interspecies co-creation and guiding entrepreneurs as they bring their conscious business to life.

And there are always more dreams on the horizon.

Driven by her evolutionary vision, impeccable organizational skills, collaborative personality, and naturepreneur spirit, Tigrilla has been a consultant, partner, visionary, and collaborator on hundreds of projects. As a woman and mystic, she brings a unique perspective that integrates social and spiritual needs.  This creates a bridge that brings the world of ideas into the world of the form–turning Dreams into Reality.

Lucky for Tigrilla, she has always needed little sleep. This allows her to lend her special touch to several projects at once. She is currently taking a break from producing performance events–unless of course there comes along a dream that is too good to pass up–and has incorporated her plant intelligence research, Biomimicry training, and Practical Spirituality into her research with Damanhur and work as a Business Development Mentor.

Focus on the Goal

Any good magician will tell you that it is important to focus your energy on a single project, but anyone who knows Tigrilla knows that she is too excitable to contain. If you have an incredible idea you want to turn into a successful Dream project, schedule a 30m chat with Tigrilla.