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I know you.

You’re a nature-loving creative, healer, entrepreneur who wants to lead a more conscious life. Today, you’re looking for the confidence and clarity to make decisions. Maybe you’re not sure why you’re making them or wonder about the impact they have on the planet. Whatever the reason, it’s inhibiting your ability to achieve your life purpose in your personal life, in business, in just about everything.

I fundamentally believe—based on scientific research, esoteric knowledge, and years of practical experience— that when you liberate yourself from inhibitions, limiting beliefs, and constraints imposed on you across many lifetimes—yep, they even come from past lives!—you can consciously create a life that is truly yours.


Spider Plant, Plant Music Healing, Tigrilla Gardenia

Plant Music Healing Session

Receive the exact healing you need to flourish
Feeling stuck, blocked, or burnt out? Invite nature in with this soothing plant music session, specifically designed to help you rest and receive the healing you need to get your personal and professional projects back on track.

50 minute session: $150

Botanical Tarot Card Reading

Get clarity and move forward with confidence
Drowning in self-doubt? Stop talking yourself out of your greatness with this plant-inspired tarot reading. You’ll receive personalized guidance to help you combat your inner critic, rebuild your confidence, and find the synchronic path forward in business (and in life).

50 minute session: $150

Personalized Strategy Session

Create success for you, your people, and the planet
Got ideas but not sure how to make them happen? Wherever you are in your creative or entrepreneurial journey, get the solid and specific strategies you need to take your next steps. You’ll leave feeling clear, focused, and motivated to take action!

1.5 hour session: $375

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