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Reawaken your ability to communicate directly with the plant world using music and design.

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Plant Communication Workshop

Reawaken your ability to communicate directly with the plant world.

When we listen, plants offer profound insight into what we need for ourselves and our world. Imagine how much you can learn from their 470+ million years of world experience when instead of passively being around plants, you communicate with them regularly. 

If you love plants, nature, and music, you will savor this mini-workshop with Tigrilla Gardenia and Spider plant.

Join Nature-Inspired Mentor and Coach and World Ambassador for Plant Intelligence, Tigrilla Gardenia and her friend and business partner, Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) for this one hour, magical experience.

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Tigrilla is working to reset the matrix between plants and humans. Her research shows that when this connection is strong, you recognize your own True Nature, and together with the plant kingdom, heal, grow, and co-create the future you’ve been dreaming of.

In this paradigm-shifting workshop, Tigrilla shares her experiences and research into the effects of plant music on human health. In collaboration, she and Spider plant will give you the opportunity to expand your senses and communicate directly with plants. 

Who knows what insight you will receive?! 

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Help Reset the Matrix

You are highly encouraged to invite an indoor plant you live with to participate in the workshop with you. By the end, you and ki will be chatting like old friends!

Plant Communication Workshop

A Workshop experience with Tigrilla Gardenia and Spider Plant

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