ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

Book Club Plus

Love to cosy up with a good book?

Bond over new ideas with fellow plant-lovers in our brand new book club!


You can never have too many like-minded friends

The ReConnect With Plant Wisdom Book Club is dedicated to what we can learn from nature—including plant intelligence, the environment around us, and the ecosystems that sustain life on earth. 

We’ll cover topics like how plants live and thrive, and discuss how we can benefit from this knowledge on a personal and societal level. You’ll also be introduced to incredible books and topics you might not have otherwise discovered.

Plus, the regular meetings are also a great excuse to ignore all other obligations, lock yourself in a room, and actually finish a book in time for the next meeting!

Get all this and much, much more for just $5 USD per month!

Always have someone to talk to about the plant-inspired books you love

It’s a perfect fit for you if you want to:

Meet new friends and fellow book lovers

Talk about what you’ve read, ask questions, and learn something new

Discover new plant-inspired books you might not have otherwise read

Bring each book to life with extra live group calls, guided meditations, creative prompts, and other exciting surprises

Get the support and motivation you need to finally finish your books (no more reading ‘spurts’!)

Here's How it works

Never leave a book unfinished again!

Every two months, we pick one book to read together on a BYOB (bring your own book) basis.

On the last Saturday of every two-month period, we meet on a live video call to chat about our insights, ask questions, and form new friendships. Of course, you can also join the call without having to contribute to the conversation!

If you can’t make the live call, you’ll get access to the recording and a quick summary of what we discussed.

Inside our private group, you’ll find:

  • A fun, friendly community with lively discussions
  • Page goals to keep your reading on track
  • Exclusive guest speakers


Plus these incredible bonuses (for paid members only!):

  • Additional live group calls to chat and connect
  • Guided meditations and exercises to support your learning
  • Creative prompts to turn your learning into art 
  • Curated papers and research studies to dive even deeper
  • Extra surprises!

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