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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

audio/video podcast with Tigrilla Gardenia

Ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways plants help you lead a Naturally Conscious life.

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Topics Covered in ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

  • Integrating and mastering your various multipotentialite passions and talents. 
  • How plants communicate to improve your own communication.
  • Plants as Mentors, Models, and Collaborators of alternative logic and dynamic cooperation.
  • Esoteric, Scientific, and Artistic wisdom from plants to achieve your life purpose and leave your mark in the world.
  • What types of information you can learn from plants, from relationships, community building, and self-confidence.
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Ep.54 From Personal Evolution to Life Coach | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.54 From Personal Evolution to Life Coach

Like many multipotentialites, having vast experience makes it hard to find a succinct title for who you are and what you do. Today, I’ve fallen in love with being a Nature-Inspired Mentor and Life Coach, but getting there was a journey. I found terms like ‘leadership’ and ‘evolution’ misunderstood, making me go back to the roots of how I want to be of service: helping individuals create the conditions conducive to a really great LIFE, whether that be personal, professional, or other. At my core, I am a bridge that helps you get from where you are to who you want to be. Whether I am using bio-inspired design, ecosystem services,

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Ep.53 How I Manifested Myself on a Gaia Original Series | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.53 How I Manifested Myself on a Gaia Original Series

Somebody PINCH ME!!!! 🤩 It’s FINALLY here and I’m jumping up and down in my seat that I get to share this with you! The Divine Science Series is now LIVE on Gaia! I manifested myself on a Gaia series! Becoming a Gaia Featured Expert is a dream come true AND it was a consciously manifested journey. In this episode, I share with you my personal experience from idea to success, emphasizing the importance of understanding the subtle and spiritual aspects of manifestation. This is not the first time I’ve brought to life one of my biggest desires. This path requires radical honesty, self-reflection, personal growth, and a holistic approach to

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Ep.52 3 Characteristics of Vegetality's Direct Connection to Time | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

Ep.52 3 Characteristics of Vegetality’s Direct Connection to Time

Plants have a unique perspective on time, with the ability to access memories stored in Deep Time from different periods of Earth’s history. Understanding and reconnecting to your vegetality, with the help of plant friends, gives you access to these memories and how plants are able to move through the fabric of time. Drawing from Spiritual Physics and other spiritual practices, let’s travel through the mechanisms plants use to access Time. The Laws of the Universe operate differently in the multiple Worlds of Form present in our cosmology. By embracing our vegetal nature, humanity can move beyond our current limitations and experience the universe in a completely different way. How could

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Ep.51 Relationship Advice from Plants | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.51 Relationship Advice from Plants

Relationships… we all have them, so why are they so hard to navigate? We can talk about emotional intelligence and personal needs, but I wonder if the struggle is because we have such a limited view of what a relationship even is? Rather than going to human friends for relationship advice, in this episode, we explore what plants show us about the nature of relationships. Pulling from ecological dynamics, we dive into flow, balance, awareness, and an understanding of the many different ways we can enter into symbiosis with others. Every relationship, whether a mutualism or competition, has the possibility of creating a positive result, it’s all in how you live

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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast | Ep.50 Life Support for Peopling with Human and Plant Persons

Ep.50 Life Support for Peopling with Human and Plant Persons

Creating intimacy is a challenge in any context, especially online. What does it take to create a safe space where you can open yourself to sharing and receiving with radical honesty? In this episode, I share with you how and why we need places for passionate life support. If you’re here, I have no doubt that you don’t think or act like everyone else. And this can be scary. Bringing plants into the mix and maybe being a bit introverted–or at a minimum, highly sensitive–doesn’t always make you keen on sharing. This is exactly why I created a place where you can be you in all your weird and wood. A

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Ep.49 3 Major Identity Shifts Thanks to Plants | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

Ep.49 3 Major Identity Shifts Thanks to Plants

Throughout my life, I have had some pretty radical identity shifts. At the soul level, you easily find that I am the same person I have always been. Yet at the personality level, I have evolved leaps and bounds. Although I have been on a journey of self-development for as long as I can remember, it was the plants that game me the crucial pieces necessary for me to go from logical shift to emotional shift, bringing what I knew I wanted personally into my life. In this episode, I walk you through the three biggest identity shifts I’ve experienced on this journey and how they have taken me from judgmental,

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia; Image and Branding by Wonderlust Custom|Design; Topic Support by Laurie Baker; Editing by Goddess Rocio Mendez.

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