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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

audio/video podcast with Tigrilla Gardenia

Ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways plants help you lead a Naturally Conscious life.

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Topics Covered in ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

  • Integrating and mastering your various multipotentialite passions and talents. 
  • How plants communicate to improve your own communication.
  • Plants as Mentors, Models, and Collaborators of alternative logic and dynamic cooperation.
  • Esoteric, Scientific, and Artistic wisdom from plants to achieve your life purpose and leave your mark in the world.
  • What types of information you can learn from plants, from relationships, community building, and self-confidence.
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Ep.66 Live, Somatic Art with Plants and Giulia Mattera | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.66 Live, Somatic Art with Plants and Giulia Mattera

A fascinating discussion with Giulia about the importance of human/non-human collaboration through performance and somatic art. Giulia collaborates with otherkin, and sees this collaboration as a way to tackle the ecological crisis. To embody this partnership, she moved her artist’s studio into the garden. We share personal experiences of living and communicating with the natural environment, emphasizing the need to reconnect with nature and the potential for immersive experiences to inspire new ideas and projects. Our conversation also touched on the importance of embracing differences, incorporating sacredness into daily rituals, and the interconnectedness between humans and nature. Giulia Mattera is an artist-researcher working with Live Art and Somatic Art. Her practice

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Ep.65 What Cattail & Chickweed Want to Tell Us in These Stressful Times | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.65 What Cattail & Chickweed Want to Tell Us in These Stressful Times

Looking through the results of my Spirit Wild Plant quiz over the last seven months, I discovered an unexpected trend. And I think it has to do with helping us through these stressful times we are in. Cattail and Chickweed have been appearing consistently. Could this be kin’s way of helping humans tap back into their wildness, resilience, and freedom? It feels like they really want us to learn the importance of navigating turbulent times with emotional maturity, recognizing and acknowledging emotions rather than suppressing them. In this episode, we talk about how to express strong emotions in a healthy and constructive manner, and I invite you to explore the energies

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Ep.64 Mugwort Dreamer with Rachel Corby | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.64 Mugwort Dreamer with Rachel Corby

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Corby, plant-inspired author and rewilding coach, about her plant reawakening with Mugwort. We delved into Rachel’s personal journey of developing an intimate bond with the green beings around us—learning to listen and hear their subtle voices. It was a enlightening to hear the profound impact truly listening to plants has had for her and the transformative experience her relationships with kin.  Rachel and I explored the concept of rewilding through the art of plant whispering. We shared insights on shedding our conditioned layers leading to a harmonious reconciliation with nature. It was a beautiful discussion about the healing power of

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Ep.63 In Relationship with Master Teacher Cacao with Judy Machado | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.63 In Relationship with Master Teacher Cacao with Judy Machado

Cacao, in some way it has been a part of all our lives, but how well do we really know this plant? Personally, I admit that I didn’t know ki at all. Judy Machado changed all that with her deep love and relationship with this master plant teacher. This conversation revolves around personal experiences and insights on who Cacao is as a plant person, emphasizing ki’s ability to open hearts and minds, foster a deeper connection to nature and inner selves, and shift our perspective from fear and control to heart-centered consciousness. Judy also touches on how to create a relationship with this powerful being, recognizing ki as partners in life.

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Ep.62 Plant Spirit Medicine with Patrick Hanaway | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.62 Plant Spirit Medicine with Patrick Hanaway

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Patrick Hanaway shares his transformative journey from conventional Western medicine to the profound wisdom of plant spirit medicine. Discover how he bridges the gap between these worlds, advocating for a symbiotic relationship with local flora that fosters deep healing through relationship Tune in to learn about the power of personal connections with nature and how they can lead to a balanced, technology-inclusive approach to health and well-being. This episode is a call to awaken to the intricate web of life that binds us all, urging us to embrace a more compassionate and integrated path to wellness. PATRICK HANAWAY, MD is a board-certified family physician trained at Washington

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Ep.61 Get the F*$k Out of the Way: Flowing Musicality with Fontaine Burnett | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.61 Get the F*$k Out of the Way: Flowing Musicality with Fontaine Burnett

This is such a good episode with my good friend, Fontaine Burnett. We talk about the transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to embody who you are. Beyond that, what is created when you get out of your own way, and let musicality flow through you. There are so many parallels between how Fontaine creates relationship with music and I how I work with my inner plantness: tapping into Cosmic and Earth consciousnesses. We get into the details of working with energies and entities as a creative process. Fontaine Burnett was born into a family of musicians and music lovers. It was very clear early in his life what he was put

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