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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom

audio/video podcast with Tigrilla Gardenia

Ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways plants help you lead a Naturally Conscious life.

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Topics Covered in ReConnect in Plant Wisdom

  • Integrating and mastering your various multipotentialite passions and talents. 
  • How plants communicate to improve your own communication.
  • Plants as Mentors, Models, and Collaborators of alternative logic and dynamic cooperation.
  • Esoteric, Scientific, and Artistic wisdom from plants to achieve your life purpose and leave your mark in the world.
  • What types of information you can learn from plants, from relationships, community building, and self-confidence.
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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast Ep.35 Weird is your Extraordinary Superpower!

Ep.35 Weird is your Extraordinary Superpower!

I know weird. I have been called weird my entire life. And you know what? I wear it like a badge of honor. Because my unique set of characteristics is what allows me to achieve my Life Purpose. Every individual contributes to the world in their own way. You need to recognize that once you give yourself permission to follow your own personal path, in whatever way your mind gets you there, you will be free of the weight of what others think you should be, and embrace who you truly are. In this episode, I share the importance of recognizing your own unique characteristics and how to reframe the idea

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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom Podcast Ep.34 Going from Change to Evolution | Greater Complexity

Ep.34 Going From Change To Evolution | Greater Complexity

This is a really exciting episode that brings together science, nature, Spiritual Physics, personal development… Scientists have proposed a new law of nature that explains the evolution of everything in the universe, from stars and planets to Life to AI. The law of increasing functional information says that complex systems become more complex over time by selecting for functions that help them survive or thrive. In Spiritual Physics, we would call this the Law of Complexity. Complexity creates space. And as you become more complex, you can do more with so much less because you are at a new level of evolution. This is where you divinitize matter. When you try

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Ep.33 How to Contribute in Harmony with the Planet | 3 Influential Lessons | ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast

Ep.33 How to Contribute in Harmony with the Planet | 3 Influential Lessons

In this episode, I share with you three influential lessons I learned about being in harmony with the planet from observing small plants growing in the cracks of soil around the pyramids in Egypt. It is unusual to find plants when you visit the ancient sites. Kin are there, but not always visible, which is why I was so excited when I had some alone time with one particular plant. In our communication, this helped me understand just how much ki contributes to the health and wellness of not just the site, but all those that visit. It was super powerful to understand just how much is happening belowground. And this

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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom podcast Ep.32 Not Giving Anything Away For Free Anymore

Ep.32 Not Giving Anything Away For Free Anymore

I’m so excited to share with you this episode because the feeling that you are “giving away for free” your expertise comes up often, especially with multipotentialite entrepreneurs looking to create unique offers. Recently, one of my clients came to me with a dilemma: she felt like she was being taken advantage of in a new business endeavor. We brought it into our NCLg group mentoring call (part of Flourishing Sprouts), and instantly witnessed the choral voices of indignation and frustration. After copious venting, I introduced the plant perspective. This is based on the concept that we all have some level of plantness at our core, therefore what happens when we

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Opening and Closing music by Steve Sciulli and Poinsettia; Image and Branding by Wonderlust Custom|Design; Topic Support by Laurie Baker; Editing by Goddess Rocio Mendez.

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