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Learn how to embrace it!

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Are you surrounded by plants, yet feel disconnected from them most days?

You want to communicate with plants, you sense things from them, but you’re not really confident about what you’re receiving.

There are so many different options to connect…

Which technique works?
What can I ask?
How do I know it’s real?

And what if you can’t connect?

Searching online is almost impossible. Even those who talk to trees, don’t necessarily know how they do it. And unless you have a degree in science, reading through papers will get you more confused.

Even when you intuitively connect, how do you interpret what you receive. Plants use a logic that’s very different from humans.

You start to wonder, “Will I ever experience oneness with nature?

ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom | Tigrilla Gardenia
Tigrilla Gardenia - Sequoia in Scotland

Disconnection from nature means a disconnection from oneself.

You get tired and scared of the way things are.

Deforestation and biodiversity-loss. Lack of clarity. A complete lack of respect and regard for the plant kingdom.

You feel powerless to help turn things around.

I remember feeling that way: the helplessness, the fear, the sadness.

The only thing that would take it away was time in nature. So that’s what I did.

I would sit in my front garden or lie on the grass in my backyard. Long walks through the city touching each tree became a must. And when hiking was not possible, I’d wander in the city park looking down at all the little plants boldly growing from where humans had stepped.

There’s an urgent need for individuals to connect with nature—now more than ever. This isn’t just about personal development and professional guidance. It’s about securing a future where humanity can thrive alongside our planet.

If we want to save our species, we need to create new models based on cooperation and mutual benefit. We need to adapt better to change. We need to develop from a place of growth, instead of destruction.

In other words—we need to take our lead from the plant world.

By reconnecting with plants you become one with your true nature once again​

Imagine gaining renewed optimism in the future of the planet and humanity, because you become aware of the many ways plants have learned how to adapt to planetary change and believe that humans are capable of learning how to transform themselves based on the examples and help given by plants.

Feel what it would be like to be equipped with linguistic fundamentals necessary to understand the language of plants through music, touch, intuition, chemical signals, and function.

Become an open channel and hear the guidance and wisdom from 470 million+ years of Life experience.

Yes, achieving all these may feel overwhelming if you were to do it all on your own.

Allow me to be your guide on this 7 week voyage of reconnection

The methods that I am suggesting have been tested by me personally and by students and 1-1 clients around the world that I have worked with.

My creative approach combines science, spirituality, and the arts. Most people will give you one or the other. By using all three, you can integrate your logic and your intuition.

  • The science shows you the patterns.
  • The spiritual allows you to hear the guidance.
  • The arts enables you to bring thoughts to action in a way that is safe, yet tangible.
  • Principles of biomimicry teach you how to apply the functions and behaviors of plants to your own development—personal, social, professional.

Once you have taken your ideas and given them a form in the physical world, they can be used to create, like colors in a crayon box you mix and match as necessary.

I invite you to come on board this voyage, and under my guidance,

enjoy the benefits of communicating with plants in weeks instead of years.

There aren’t any courses like this out there. Most are either really spiritual, so all you do is feel, or really scientific, so all you do is think. The problem with this is that then you are not able to actually use what you learn.

In this course, you get a balance so that the end result can be applied to just about any situation. You learn from plants in a way that allows you to integrate those learnings into everyday life. And quickly!


ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - hellebores | Tigrilla Gardenia
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Hey there, I'm Tigrilla Gardenia

Until 7 years ago, I was suffering from plant blindness and disconnection from nature, too

I remember when I realized that I needed to consciously reconnect with the plant world. I’d always had a love and reverence for the plant world, and once I discovered plant music, I knew they had so much more to share than their beauty, scent, and comforting touch.

Surely 470 million+ years of plant-life had given them wisdom that would be much deeper and more in-tune with our planet than our own, relatively short human experience?

The spark ignited a passion within me. So, I researched plant intelligence.

My passion led me to study for a masters in Futuro Vegetale: plants, social innovation, design with Stefano Mancuso.

I also became fascinated with biomimicry, biophilic design, and plant music. Living in Damanhur, a spiritual and nature-centered community in Italy, encouraged me to connect with plants daily.

To cut a long story short, plants and I have now become lifelong collaborators. I spend each day communing with them on a deeper level than I ever thought possible. They are a part of my personal, social, spiritual, and even professional development.

I have learned so much about their lives and their relationships with us. And this knowledge has taught me how to create a life of sustainable health and happiness and a successful business that makes an impact and easily balances my needs, their needs, and the planet’s needs.

I now understand the Meaning of Life.​

Tigrilla in Bergen, Norway

A group program like no other where you get:

Tigrilla Gardenia - Norwegian Oak
  • Tools so that from the first week of the course, you can start communicating with plants. By the end, you feel confident about what you can talk about with them and that what you’re receiving is real.
  • Clarity on your Life Purpose and alignment with your Soul Mission. An understanding that you are an individual with a purpose to accomplish in this lifetime, yet whose actions need to be in harmony with many other interconnected systems so that you can easily see the best decisions to make for personal and collective growth.
  • To be better equipped to be a steward of Gaia. Become an agent of the Earth because you feel a part of nature and understand how we can work together for our healing and evolution.
  • Increased nourishment and healing. In addition to the numerous proven health benefits of a connection to nature, when your life is intertwined with the plant kingdom, you more easily receive maximum nourishment and healing from every interaction.
  • Spiritual expansion and growth. Oh the wonders the plants will share when they bring you into their circle and open their minds to yours.

ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom only opens a handful of times per year!

7-week Spring Edition begins 30 March 2020

Register now to secure your place. Enrollment closes on 27 March 2020.

Student Accolades

Wow... I am blown away by what I am learning and think this should be part of the everyday curriculum!
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
Esther L.
Graphic Designer
Thank you for this course. It feels like you opened the door to the plant kingdom and a new big world!
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
Hans G.
Automation Engineer
I am so grateful to you having this opportunity. I feel so much more aware. This created a shift in me.
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
Aliza M.
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia
ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom - Testimonial | Tigrilla Gardenia

What the 7-week voyage ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom includes

Gain access to 470 million+ years of plant wisdom in just 7 weeks

  • 7 WEEKLY LIVE MASTERCLASSES presenting the latest scientific and spiritual research. Discover revolutionary ways to commune with nature. Live Q&A. Recordings available for download. Learn directly from Tigrilla's wealth of experience and study.
  • 7 WEEKLY CONNECTION EXERCISES with plants using various methods to create active channels of communication. Commune with plants using art, dreaming, remote travel, direct contact, and more.
  • ACCESS TO A PRIVATE GROUP COMMUNITY where you can discuss, explore, get feedback, ask questions, and gain support and encouragement from Tigrilla and the others on the voyage. Share moments of awe, meet others on the path, discuss your discoveries and how to apply them to daily life.
  • 49 DAILY JOURNALING PROMPTS to go deeper with the plant kingdom and develop a relationship based on mutual trust and support. By putting pen to paper you will crystalize your relationship with these ancient beings.
  • DIRECT ACCESS TO TIGRILLA for any questions about technique, responses, and how to apply your new-found knowledge.
Tigrilla Gardenia - Oak Tree

How the 7-week voyage ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom unfolds

Understand the history, terminology, and major discoveries in plant intelligence and how science, spirituality, and the arts unlock different areas of wisdom from the plant mind.

Learn about:

  • The differences between Plant Intelligence, Plant Neurobiology, and Plant Cognition.
  • What senses plants have, how they use them, and how this changes our own perceptions.
  • Plant Blindness and the damage it causes in our relationships, in our cities, and to our planet.
  • Cutting-edge scientists, artists, and leaders studying and working with the plant mind.

Unless you discover the fountain of eternal youth, there are certain cycles in Life that are inevitable. Instead of fearing them, plants have learned to use them to bring meaning and purpose to every expression.

Learn about:

  • The underlying fears that drive most human anxiety and unhappiness.
  • How you can use the plant model of cellular specialization to modify your life.
  • What it means to you and to society when we recognize plants as a person.
  • How Life always points toward the greater good, and how humanity can do the same.

Plants understand that the secret to long-term growth is in the relationships you manage. By shattering the false myth that nature requires competition to grow, you can discover and master the wide range of relationships that make ecosystems so successful. 

Learn about:

  • Distributed leadership where small, constantly changing actions lead to efficient systems.
  • How to create and sustain mutually-beneficial relationships.
  • Where to use simple rules to trigger self-organization and optimize growth.
  • Creating personal and professional systems from the bottom up that act like a forest.

How often do you hold back your true self for fear of hurting someone else? We have all done it, which is why this is one of the most transformational weeks in the entire course. Here you will discover how plants fully embrace their individual expression while maintaining mutually rewarding ecosystem balance.

Learn about:

  • Nurturing individual creativity that enables the greater good to flourish.
  • What holds you back from really connecting for fear of losing your own personal identity.
  • The differences and similarities between self-love/care and love/care of others.
  • How being an individual or a system is just a matter of perspective.

A plant knows the best way to get their message delivered, often traveling large distances never thought possible. Trees that started as seeds in Guinea, have been found in Barbados, crossing the ocean to take hold. Plant logic shows you how to break barriers and communicate freely no matter the distance.

Learn about:

  • How to hear and receive messages through physical and non-physical channels.
  • The direct contact plants have with time and how you can use their memories yourself.
  • What plants know about relationships–which I guarantee is much more than we know!
  • How plants know what problems are coming so they can develop solutions before they happen.

After everything you have learned about the intelligence of plants, it is easy to ask yourself, “Can I eat them?” The answer will transform the way you think about nourishment and how your food choices support Life.

 Learn about:

  • How plants change the amount of nourishment they give based on their relationships.
  • That plants co-evolve with humans and animals and why this is important for your growth.
  • Why plants choose to produce less and create scarcity in order to teach you about abundance.
  • The importance of diversity for them, for your health, and for your survival.

Food, clothing, shelter, medicine… human health and wellness is completely dependent on our relationships with plants. Which is why plants are using these relationships to push humanity to a new level. Those who evolve, thrive. Those who don’t, become fossils.

Learn about:

  • Why terpenes and phytocides boost your immune system and make you happy.
  • How plant “plasticity” helps them adapt to changing conditions, and can easily adapt, too.
  • The Biophilic Effect and how you can build cities that heal humanity’s wounds.
  • Stone Age Economics: how prehistoric man was more affluent because of plants.
Botanical Tarot Card Reading | Tigrilla Gardenia


When you’re just starting to reconnect to the plant kingdom, you will have moments when you need extra  support. For this reason, I want to gift you a one-on-one session with me as a thank you for joining the waitlist

You are a unique individual with your own needs, so rather than limiting your choices, you can choose one from twp types of individual sessions:

    1. Botanical Card Reading – this unique deck of wild plants allows me to use their knowledge and channel their messages for you. 
    2. Plant Music Healing – based on the tested protocol used in our medical research study, I facilitate an intimate relationship between you and Spider plant so ki can compose custom healing music.

How’s that for fabulous?!


Money-Back Guarantee

14-days from the start of the course, no questions asked. If for any reason in the first two weeks you aren’t falling in love with the plant kingdom, you can get a refund. Just email the support team within the first 14 days. Easy peasy!

Ongoing Access

For the entire 7-week period of the course and for at least 3 months after, you have complete access to the Facebook group and all the videos, prompts, and exercise. Download what you like or reference them from within the group.

LIVE Lectures and Q&A

Unlike many courses that are pre-recorded video where you get stuck after the first question, one of the big benefits of this course is that every lecture is live. This means that you always get the most up to date information and full access to me.

What you lose if you don’t embark on this interactive online voyage

  • The opportunity to be mentored by me into creating a deep and lasting relationship with nature.
  • The opportunity to shorten the time it takes to communicate with plants and trust the messages you receive.
  • The opportunity to access my direct support and my plant intelligence knowledge. You can ask questions anytime in the group and every week there is a LIVE masterclass with Q&A.

Act now, enrollment closes on 27 March 2020

Ready to join the voyage?!

Spring Edition only $440 USD

30 March – 17 May 2020

Want to join the next voyage?!

ReConnect with the Plant Kingdom only opens a handful of times a year.

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