A Unique Interactive Keynote Speaker

Tigrilla Gardenia, Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant

A little-known fact, Tigrilla’s nickname as a child was cotorra, which means parrot in Spanish. As a baby in her crib, she scared the living daylights out of her mother one night when she heard talking through the baby-monitor and thought someone was in the room. When she ran in there, she discovered that Tigrilla was having a full conversation with herself! For the reason you can easily see, being a public and keynote speaker was her destiny.

Tigrilla uses her love of speaking, analytical mind and connection to the plant world to inspire thought and action. As a philosopher, visionary, and public speaker, she has spoken in front of intimate groups and conference audiences in more than twenty countries around the world. Integrating her vast experience, she invites you to look to the proven track record of the plant world to learn how to create healthy, connected and sustainable lives and solve problems in an ever-evolving world.

Signature Online and In-Person Talks and Topics

The Key to Human Sustainability is Rooted in the Plant World

Lots of people talk about ‘greening’ their lifestyle and ‘getting back to nature.’ But have you ever thought about this from nature’s perspective? The plant world has never lost its connection with us. We humans are the ones who are culpable for the great disconnect between our species. Due to our desire to dominate the plant world instead of co-exist, we have missed out on the opportunity to  from them.

We constantly hear about the need to reverse climate change and modify our existing food chain, but what if we are looking at the problem all wrong? More than looking at the problem wrong, what if we are asking the wrong question to the wrong person? Tigrilla takes you through unexpected ground to understand that the key to our continued evolution and happiness lies with those that have been adapting to this planet’s needs since the beginning of time: the plant world. If we listen, plant intelligence holds the answers to sustainable adaptability.

The Effects of Plant Music on Human Healing and Interspecies Relationships

What would happen if we were to give a plant the ability to interact with us in a way that we could understand? This is what a team of researchers set out to discover in the 1970s. They experimented with plants that open doors and gave them driver’s licenses. As a result of 40 years of exploration into plant perception, a device that enables plants and trees to play music was developed! Interacting with a variety of stimuli, artists and observers in diverse environments, plants learn how to create melody and harmony.

What we didn’t expect was what came next–most noteworthy, the effects of plant music on humans. In this sonic and interactive talk, Tigrilla takes you through the research into plant cognition and gives you a glimpse into the audible world of interspecies musicians.

Co-Creating an Urban Plantasy

Once upon a time, all food was organic and nature was an integral part of our lives. But somewhere along the way, we lost our ability to communicate with trees and plants. Deforestation, species evolution, pollution and the insatiable human hunger for more land create large chasms between “our” world and “theirs”, bringing about a separation where once there was none.

Cities offer the greatest opportunity for social co-operation. Time and time again we see that the connection to and sustainable use of nature in our cities contribute to the improved health of our society. They reduce costs by improving human health, sequestering carbon, and purifying our water. Even more, they enhance the well-being of people and communities by providing recreational experiences, tranquility and fine views, while maintaining a livable environment by regulating climate, air quality, soils and water cycles. So how do we move co-habitation with the plant world to co-creation?

Whether you are looking at a local, global or business landscape, Tigrilla can deliver a new vision sure to spark creative change. Contact her for your next event!

Past Keynote Speaker Presentations, Workshops, Exhibits

  • Global EcoVillage Network Europe Conference, Schweibenalp, Switzerland – June 2013 – Workshop Presenter
Sonica Reloaded, Naples, Italy – August 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Building Sustainable Communities, Jacksonville, Florida, USA – December 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Living Consciously, Miami, Florida, USA – December 2013 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Searching for Urban Songlines, CERES Environment Park, Melbourne, Australia – January 2014 – Teacher
  • Rainbow Serpent Gathering, Lexton, Australia – January 2014 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Evolver Social Movement Spore, Melbourne, Australia – January 2014 – Tea
  • Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK – May 2014 – Exhibitor
  • The One Show with Julie Andrews and Ian McKellen, London, UK – May 2014 – with the Plants
  • Plant Consciousness, London, UK – October 2014 – Guest Speaker
  • Royal Horticultural Society Plant and Potato Fair London, UK – February 2015 – Exhibitor and Workshop Presenter
  • Alternatives, London, UK – 23 February 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Damanhur Modena, Italy – March 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Planta Plant Show, Palacio Boadillo, Spain – April 2015 – Guest Speaker and Exhibitor
  • Buddha Bag, Dublin, Ireland – 7 May 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Gateways of the Mind, Dublin, Ireland – May 2015 – Guest Speaker
  • Floraart, Zagreb, Croatia – May 2015 – Exhibitor
  • Damanhur in Florida, New Beginnings Wellness Center, Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA – October 2015 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Krop sind ånd, Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2016 – Guest Speaker and Exhibitor
  • Oser la Fraternité, Les Karellis, France – May 2016 – Workshop Presenter and Exhibitor
  • L’Associazione “fra il cuore e la mente”, Valle Strona, Italy – May 2016 – Guest Speaker
  • Музиката на Растенията – презентация, концерт и курс, Sofia, Bulgaria – June 2016 – Guest Speaker and Teacher
  • Heart and Mind Festival, London, UK – September 2016 – Guest Speaker and Panelist
  • British Flower and Vibrational Essences Gathering , Kegworth, UK – March 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Divine Transformation – Damanhur in Miami, Florida – April 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Kansainvälinen Taianomainen Luonto-ja Vesitapahtuma, Mäntyharju, Finland – May 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Damanhur, Italy – June 2017 – Instructor
  • Green Culture Forum, Montenegro – June 2017 – Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Being Gathering, Idanha-a-nova, Portugal – June/July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Damanhur, Italy – July 2017 – Instructor
  • How do Mystery Schools and Alchemy Fit into your Life, Miami, Florida – July 2017 – Presenter
  • Discover Interspecies Music by Plants and Humans, Miami, Florida – July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Interspecies Music and Co-Creation with the Plant World, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Discover Interspecies Music by Plants and Humans, Delray Beach, Florida – October 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Interspecies Music and Co-Creation with the Plant World, Huntsville, Alabama – October 2017 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Huntsville, Alabama – October 2017 – Instructor
  • Runchero Community Planning, Shelbyville, Kentucky – December 2017/January 2018 – Consultant
  • Learn from Other Worlds, London, UK – January 2018 – Guest Speaker
  • Minä Olen Messut, Helsinki, Finland – February 2018 – Guest Speaker
  • Compost Cultivator Biomimicry Workshop – July 2018 – Co-Facilitator
  • Mangrove Greenhouse Biomimicry Workshop – October 2018 – Co-Facilitator
  • Communication with the Plant World, Kristiansand, Norway – August 2019 – Instructor
  • Plant Music and Communication, Bettum, Norway – August 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Plant Music and Communication, Holt gard, Norway – August 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Communication with the Plant World, Fredrikstad, Norway – August 2019 – Instructor
  • Communication with the Plant World, Bergen, Norway – September 2019 – Instructor
  • ReConnect to the Plant Kingdom, online – September-November 2019 – Instructor
  •  Body Mind Spirit, Oslo, Norway – November 2019 – Guest Speaker
  • Planetary illness for Evolutionary Transformation on Heal the World Summit – January 2020
  • Tribute to Women Online Summit – February 2020
  • CreateYes Online Summit – June 2020
  • Spiritual Biz Accelerator Summit – August 2020
  • Green Culture 2020 – September 2020
  • Sacred Sites Conference – December 2020

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