Sprouts Writing and Creativity Group

Bring Your Ideas out of the Confines of Your Imagination

Creativity opens the mind, expands the senses and allows us to see the world through a new lens.

Are you an unconventional thinker?

Let your unique, creative seeds blossom with the Sprouts Writing and Creativity Group
We all know that creativity opens the mind to expanding senses. It allows us to see the world through a lens that may not yet exist. It broadens understanding and gives form to unpredictable [often astonishing] interpretations. But expressing your creativity, even just going from thought to page, can be scary. What if it doesn’t make sense? What if others laugh? 

How do you find the courage to actually put pen to paper… paint to canvass… music to words…?

Whether novice, pro or exploring alternate methods of connecting with self, we all have the tendency to shy away from sharing our creative expressions. Allow them to flourish and fly within the safe space of the Naturally Conscious Community.

Explore the depths of your innate creativity as a Being of Nature and enjoy all the benefits of Community.

Join us in the Sprouts Writing and Creativity Group!

We are a group of nature-minded, multi-talented, multi-disciplined, multipotenitalites that gather weekly to create together, share our work, and support one another. We value reflection, ingenuity and all forms of life. We understand all forms of artistic expression are intimate, and bringing them out of oneself can manifest anxiety and fears of not being good enough. 

Especially true for us unconventional thinkers!

When you’re all alone with your big ideas and your creative supplies strewn before you, then get stuck, it’s easy to quit. The Sprouts Writing and Creativity Group provides multiple opportunities every month to be inspired, hear words of encouragement, and stimulate your senses to keep you going.

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Included in your Seedling Sprout Membership!

Give voice to your alternative logic
Overcome the fear of sharing your thoughts with others
Enhance your creative muscles
Try new mediums and disciplines
Gain confidence in what you have to offer
Overcome writer’s/creator’s block
Only $3/Month

Sprouts Writing and Creativity Group

Weekly creative time hosted in the Naturally Conscious Community and included with a Seedling Membership. Drop-ins always welcome, no RSVP required. Come as often or as little as you like to get what you need.

Wild Mind Writing

Twice a month, writing from prompts with no feedback or critique. All writing forms are encouraged.

Budding Artistry

Once a month, sparking Budding Artistry, where we create art and movement from prompts using your preferred mediums with no feedback or critique.

Creative Co-working

Once a month, supporting each other’s pursuits in a group creative co-working session.

Creative Greenhouse

Once a month Creative Greenhouse sessions, dedicated time to "workshop" an original project you are working on. Get structured feedback, accountability, learning, and support from a trusted group of aligned allies.

Let's Create A New Paradigm

“A thought in your mind only helps you.
To serve others, you must put it into action.”

In the Naturally Conscious Community we see the arts as more than a medium of self-expression. Through the arts, we can truly and safely reflect on who we are, what we believe, and what could be. 

Beyond beauty and cleverness, the arts possess the unique ability to convey complex ideas, emotions, and societal issues.  As scary as it may be, if a new paradigm is to be dreamt into being, you must give form to your creative thoughts.

Lean into alternative ways of thinking and being by experimenting with all forms of artistic inspiration to consciously design a new, multispecies paradigm.

The Sprouts Writing & Creativity Group, is included in the Seedling Sprouts Membership level of the Naturally Conscious Community. Questions? We are here to help! Contact Tigrilla’s Team

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