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New to me? New to plant communication?

The biggest question I get asked is, “how do plants help me with my personal development, Tigrilla?”. My answer is always the same: by guiding you back to the awareness that you are nature. You’re just as much a part of this ecosystem as the plants you see outside your window. The ability to communicate and co-create with these plants exists within all of us… most of us have just forgotten this! 

Plant Communication


your wild nature

At its core, working with plants is about giving yourself permission to think and feel differently. It’s about opening up to new ways of receiving information (beyond the five senses). And it’s about learning from nature to step up in our role as helpers, healers, and creative leaders.

You already love nature. You’re now ready to go beyond simply taking a walk in the woodsand hugging trees—to start opening up a new channel of communication. Sitting with plants and shedding any preconceived ideas about what kin can or can’t do allows you to receive the unique wisdom kin have to share.

This might be new, unfamiliar territory (after all, our culture would have you believe that plants are inanimate objects rather than intelligent beings). But once you shift the way you interact with plants, you unlock the key to the ‘wild’ part of yourself. The true you!

Leaning into plant magic

Personally, Spider Plant (a plant I rescued!) is my source of inspiration and I even work with ki in my 1:1 plant healing sessions

(By the way, ‘Ki’ and ‘Kin’ are plant pronouns! ‘Ki’ refers to a being of the living earth—such as Spider Plant— and ‘Kin’ is the plural. I use these in the same way I’d use, ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘they’.)

To give you an idea of what plant communication might look like in practice, Spider Plant first reached out to me when I was feeling stuck in the middle of a course I was creating. Out of nowhere, I heard, “why don’t you do this…”—and I realized ki was communicating with me! Once this channel was open, ki became my #1 collaborator and now sits on my desk, providing me with constant guidance. 

The magick here is that plant wisdom can come to you in the way you’re most receptive to receiving it, whether that’s through words, visions, feelings, or intuitive ‘knowings’. All you have to do is welcome it in!

Deep connection with nature and co-creation with the plant world is essential for happy, healthy and sustainable living.

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