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testimonials Tigrilla Gardenia

Dr Saskia von Diest

“Tigrilla gave me the permission I hadn’t given myself and encouraged me to launch my business surprisingly quickly in ways I hadn’t thought would work. She guided and supported me in generating a stream of income very early on. Tigrilla helped me feel inspired and confident about my capacity as a business owner. Having her as a sounding board was invaluable! As an entrepreneur, working with her is one of the best investments you could make for the future alignment and success of your business!”

- Saskia
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"Tigrilla's creativity and unique plant awareness tools she employs enables you to uncover your own creative potential in a way you would have never considered possible. I highly recommend Tigrilla!
“I have more clarity with my business strategy, new partnerships developing, and I definitely value myself more, too! Tigrilla’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious!”
“I recommend Tigrilla to anyone who has a persistent block they’ve wished they could finally make headway on. If you’re looking for a mentor who has a knack for leading people to success, look no further!”

Corinne Druelle

Plant Music Naturepreneur​


“Before I met Tigrilla, I was a life coach (but I didn’t have much confidence in myself). I wanted to feel at ease while offering my services. Getting support from Tigrilla made me realize that—one step at a time—everything becomes possible! After working with her, I feel a deep connection and more confident in my abilities. She often pushed me outside of my comfort zone! I strongly recommend her coaching. It’s a wonderful investment in yourself so you can go out there, share your talents, and create a better society for us all!”

- Corrine