Who is Tigrilla Gardenia?

Tigrilla Gardenia, Interspecies Researcher, Biomimic, Naturepreneur

My journey has led me from a multi-ethnic upbringing to the high-tech industry, performing arts, spiritual studies, and the eco-everything world of social innovation and architectural design. Along the way I learned to look to the many amazing beings in nature for answers.

But what do I do? In one sentence, I am Communications and Business Development Consultant for creative entrepreneurs and naturepreneurs (nature-inspired business leaders) looking to turn ideas into a successful Dream project

I am a citizen of Damanhur in Italy—one of the largest spiritual ecocommunities in the world—and Biomimicry facilitator.

The plant world is my passion. Plants show me new ways to do business inspired by nature’s 3.8 billion years of ingenuity in problem solving. Have you ever noticed how nature is made up of collaborations between organisms with seemingly different goals? And yet, each one gets what it needs to not only survive, but thrive! I study these successful partnerships, then replicate those strategies in my own work.

You could say my super power is to help you see the connections that bring your Dream Projects into Reality and create meaningful, successful work that feels like play.

A few fun facts about Tigrilla:

🎪I’ve toured with Cirque du Soleil and had my own circus
🌿I regularly listen to music composed by plant musicians
🙏I am a Knight, a Kabbalist, and an Initiate
🌐I speak multiple languages and am always learning another one

Skills and Expertise:

  • Communication expertise across physical and digital domains.
  • Applied working knowledge of Biomimicry and Nature-Inspired Systems Design.
  • Cutting-edge vision on how to co-create with plants in a variety of environments.
  • In-depth knowledge of plant neurobiology and plant intelligence research.
  • Broad project management experience across multiple disciplines from high-tech to social sciences.
  • Proven track record for birthing projects and taking them to conclusion.

Contact Tigrilla for keynotes and conferences, nature-inspired workshops, and communications consulting.

More about Tigrilla’s background:

Always eager to learn, Tigrilla has a bachelor’s in Music Engineering and Technology from the University of Miami and a masters in Futuro Vegetale (Vegetal Future): plants, social innovation, design under Stefano Mancuso of the LINV (International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology) and Leonardo Chiesi (Sociology of Environmental Design) from the University of Florence.
If you open my eBook reader, you will find books and articles about biomimicry, learning languages, plant intelligence, architecture/urban planning, and biophilic design. You’ll also find tons of scientific papers, articles on blockchain projects, and trainings on EU grant projects, but that is for the hard-core geek in me.

When you’re ready to bring your Dreams to Life, let’s chat!

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